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Our new flooring options can help you create the space of your dreams

Luxurious, timeless, elegant, and practical…with our expanded range of kitchen and bathroom flooring, there’s no reason why you can’t have it all!

Worktops and cupboards tend to be the surfaces that dominate your eye line when you look around your kitchen or bathroom, but there is a good chance that your flooring is also high on your list of priorities when it comes to planning a kitchen or bathroom makeover. A great-looking floor forms the basis of any kitchen or bathroom renovation project and is one of the most important components in any stunning floor-to-ceiling transformation or even just a fantastic way to add the perfect finishing touch to a quick makeover.

This is why we are especially pleased to announce our new collaboration with Palio Express by Karndean to add their exquisite Korlok and Palio Rigid ranges to our flooring options, offering you a whole new realm of timeless classics and modern elegance to choose from. While our other surfaces offer you all kinds of stone effects with their engineered overlays, the new Palio Express range adds its own unique stone and wood designs to the mix, meaning it is now easier than ever to create that perfect look you’ve always dreamed of.

Don’t worry, though – our extraordinary etherium® By E-stone range isn’t going anywhere! We’ll still be offering the same range of colours, styles, and finishes we always have. In fact, the addition of the new Palio Express flooring range is very much meant to be complementary to our existing surfaces, as they offer many of the same incredible benefits, as well as a few special ones of their own.

Quick & easy to install

Korlok and Palio Rigid flooring can go over ceramic tile or floorboards with minimal prep. This flooring range uses a unique easy-fit drop and lock system with an acoustic backing, making them useful for uneven surfaces as the pieces lock together to form a solid, even, new surface. This means you can enjoy a totally transformative new look for your kitchen or bathroom floors in no time at all.

Durable and built to last

Again, like everything else in our range of surfaces, Palio Express flooring stays looking and feeling great for far longer than any natural wood or single-piece stone flooring and needs far less maintenance. It is non-porous, meaning it will never swell up and warp from water absorption, or suffer staining and bad odours from spillages – a real must in any busy room!

Also, it is designed to be highly durable and scratch resistant, meaning you can rest easy that your new kitchen or bathroom flooring can handle whatever life throws at it. Not only does that mean a lot less work on your part to keep it looking good as new, but a lot longer before you ever need to consider renovating it again.

Sounds perfect

Wood and stone effect flooring looks great, but if you’re considering installing it in upstairs bedrooms and studies, you’ll probably be very conscious of just how much noisier it can make everything in the room below. The same applies if you are planning for this kind of kitchen flooring in an upper-storey flat. Your family and neighbours won’t thank you for hearing every single footstep or dropped item booming across their ceiling!

However, this is where one of the Palio Express flooring’s most unique features comes in. Remarkably, the underside of this flooring comes with its own built-in acoustic backing designed to greatly reduce the amount of noise transferred to rooms below. This can dampen noise by up to 21db, meaning your new wood or stone effect flooring will always be a dream, and never a nightmare.

Of course, this is only the beginning of what flooring from Granite & TREND Transformations can offer you in terms of transforming the look of your kitchen or bathroom, so why not head over to our website and find out more? Alternatively, pay a visit to your local showroom, arrange for one of our team to call you back to give you more info, or arrange a free, no obligation home visit to discover how etherium® By E-stone and Palio Express by Karndean could work in your home.

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