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Pumpkins and Kitchen Parties… 5 Fresh Things to do with a Pumpkin

  • 3 minute read
  • Oct 19th, 2022

If you like any excuse for a kitchen party or the opportunity to dress-up yourself, or your house, then celebrating Halloween is not to be missed.

Right at the end of the half term holidays, it marks the end of daylight savings and welcomes in darker nights.  Roll out the pumpkins, the spiders and the flickering candles, cosy up with knitwear and woolly socks and add some spice to your drinks and bakes…winter is on it’s way!

Pumpkins are plenty at this time of year, so we’re sharing –  ‘Five Fresh Things to do with a Pumpkin’ – after all, whilst everyone enjoys hollowing out a pumpkin to make a scary Jack O Lantern face for Halloween. However, we thought this year we would branch out and see what else there is to do with them 🎃🎃🎃.  Here goes…

  1. Pop your roasted Pumpkin Seeds into a delicious flapjack granola bar – this one has been a hit from @missfoodwise. For those who want the recipe, (if you have her book you are sorted) head over to Nigella’s Instagram page bio and follow the link to the recipe! With so many oats, these Flapjacks are almost healthy, but definitely delicious – (we tried them)! They are a blank canvas to which you can add many things to pimp them up, including toasted pumpkin seeds. Happy baking!
  2. Make pumpkin candles! Light up your room with the subtle scent and glow of this seasons must have veg! We loved this idea of using pumpkins, filling them with soy wax – adding a wick and a dash of cinnamon and ta dah… you have your own seasonal naturally scented candles. See here for all the details – but trust us – it’s all very simple.   See here for more details .
  3. Baking with Pumpkin.  If you have not looked up pumpkin recipes, oh my, you should! Sweetly seasoned with pumpkin spice and cinnamon, butter cream and maple syrup, there so many to choose from.  And of course, the great thing about working with pumpkin is that you’re guaranteed to create a moist and light creation. Here is one that caught our eye – Halloween pumpkin cake from
  4. Coffee anyone? Spice things up with a seasonal pumpkin spiced latte.  If buying a regular latte to go is not your thing right now, try this simple recipe from BBC Good food. And making the pumpkin puree is simple too – boil down the flesh of the pumpkin and blend into a puree. That’s it. And of course, you can always freeze the puree into ice cube trays to keep your lattes going through to dare we say the C word – Christmas.
  5. Use up those sample paint pots and testers and paint and doodle on your pumpkin for a new way to decorate this season.  You can ditch the garish orange and instead create the perfect tonal shades that match your interior. Mindful, fun, creative, and looks great in any kitchen.

Our Halloween Home board on Pinterest will give you plenty of seasonal kitchen/home decoration and recipe inspiration – so hop across and take a look. .

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