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Get Inspired in 2022

  • 4 minute read
  • Jan 17th, 2022

Welcome to 2022 and the new interior design ideas that it brings with it!

We are thinking …

  • Even more houseplants.
  • Touch feely textures.
  • Light and bright, the power of lighting.
  • Playful prints and patterns.
  • No more matchy-matchy, let’s totally mix it up.

There may be more… and we’d love to hear your views… but for now…

…Let’s start with Houseplants.

With Garden Centres being the place to hang out on a wintry Sunday afternoon, and more plants available on home delivery, it not surprising that Biophilic Design is a trend set to grow further in 2022.

Houseplants not only add style and texture to our spaces, but they also serve a very useful ‘cleansing and freshening’ function too.  One of our favourite plant stores is The Little Botanical, available in John Lewis, Waitrose, garden centres and via their own online store.  They come in simple yet beautiful pots and look wonderful when grouped together.  Whether you choose floor standing, shelf draping or side table nestling – there are just so many creative ways to bring plants, nature and texture into your home.

Touchy Feely Textures

A fantastic way to add texture to your room is by adding houseplants, however, soft furnishing is usually the first choice. Cushions, throws and rugs can easily to change the tone and texture of a space. And of course, there’s opportunity to change up the textures to align with seasonable changes.

For a more long lasting texture shift, our range of mosaic tiles offer an incredible opportunity to highlight texture in a bathroom or even a kitchen splashback – and if you’re feeling creative – perhaps an entire wall!

Zara Home offers a wide range of fabulous textiles as well as quality lighting options and for a seasonal twist, Swedish high street favourite H&M Home is a perfect option too.

Of course, vintage and quality natural fabrics are the antidote to fast-fashion and throw-away textiles. With more of us focused on planet conscious purchasing, you may be looking for a more sustainable solution. We highly recommend you have a look at some of the very unique Re-Found objects and textiles. Plenty of pre-loved and re-imagined items to purchase or gain inspiration from.

Light and bright, light it up

The requirement for houses to still perform their hybrid functions of sanctuary and workspace means some serious transformations are required from dawn to dusk!  It may be that those LED spotlights that are needed on full power during ‘office hours’ to make those zoom calls zing when your kitchen is being used as an office – need to be ‘dimmed’ a little in the evening, to set a more tranquil mood to chill and enjoy a meal and a glass of wine.

Dimmable lighting for overhead lights is something to consider and is a relatively simple thing to execute. And then of course, there’s the opportunity to set the mood with a range of lamps, uplighters and under cabinet lighting – creating the right mood for the right use.

And let’s not forget that ‘string lights’ aren’t just for Christmas. Scattering a few warm fairy lights around mirrors, dressers and kitchen islands – can add a touch of magic – and isn’t just for Nigella, they can play a fun role throughout the entire year.  We love the selection of string-lights, classical and contemporary lighting choices from Graham & Green. Their use of natural tones and materials; – bamboo, hessian, antique brass, linen and animal print in their lighting is definitely worth a browse.

Playful prints and patterns

Not just for soft furnishings, in 2022, prints and patterns are set to grow on walls, especially in bathrooms where the tradition of stark, white walls is taking a back seat.  Throughout the new year think nature-inspired colours and textures.  Adding print and patterns is an opportunity to add personality to bathrooms and kitchens with patterned splashbacks and upstands. It could be that you play with a patterned floor, or indeed perhaps there’s a whole wall you want to create a statement with.  Looking at some of the most popular choices on Designers Guild there are Monet -esque inspired wallpapers – powerful florals, botanical jungles as well as the neutral classics.

What’s clear is that for 2022 when it comes to styling, ‘anything goes’ – so think about what you can do to mix things up a bit and make this the year you say ‘no’ to matchy-matchy – setting an intention to be a little more courageous and daring to ‘clash’ –  bringing contrast, interest and using your space to showcase your personality and get creative .

As the colourful and highly individual Iris Apfel tells us… “There no how-to road map to style. It’s about self-expression and, above all, attitude.”  For for 2022 – let’s be more Iris!

Want to find out more? Arrange a call back from one of our team, or pop down to one of our showrooms to see how we can help you transform your home for 2022.


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