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Stay on trend in your kitchen – without having a new one every two years!

  • 2 minute read
  • Aug 5th, 2019

Life dictates that trends come and go; and then come back again!  Home fashions are no different; just look at the trendy tea trolleys and mobile bars!  If you want your kitchen to be just as flexible – i.e. not wait 25 years for a new look one – then Granite & TREND Transformations has the perfect solution for you. With a range of worktops that fit on top of existing ones, replacement cupboard doors and drawer fronts, splashbacks, and accessories, you can keep up-to-date with changing fashions without changing your units or layout. Granite & TREND Transformations can change your kitchen look in as little as a day.

While 2018 seemed to be the year for navy, 2019 is the year for greens in the kitchen. To very simply add the look to your kitchen, you can incorporate some house plants into the scheme. Or, to create a fabulous on-trend look, you can opt for deep green cupboard doors or drawer fronts or a similar coloured splashback from Granite & TREND Transformations. These can be contrasted with soft metallic accessories, such as a brushed brass tap or a chrome sink, which brings the whole scheme together. You need not worry about where to get all the different parts from to keep your kitchen in line with current fashions, as Granite & TREND Transformations can supply and fit it all!

Granite & TREND Transformations has ultra-slimline worktops which can be easily fitted over your existing one enabling you to bring the fashionable look into your home. You can then complement the new worktops with eco-friendly tiles made from 73% recycled glass. The makeover is a fraction of the cost of replacing a whole kitchen, so if you want to update the look again down the line to keep your home en vogue, it won’t break the bank!

With a plethora of styles, colours and finishes, it is easy to create a brand new on-trend look for your kitchen with Granite & TREND Transformations. There are showrooms nationwide, each with their own experienced design consultants, so you can speak to someone and find out how easy it is for you to update your kitchen and incorporate the latest trends.

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