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Storage solutions that can transform your kitchen with ease

  • 7 minute read
  • Oct 25th, 2022

We’ve all experienced that moment when you are in the midst of cooking a new recipe, pans are boiling, or mixers are whirring, and you need that utensil fast. Rummaging through your draws, it’s always at the bottom, and when time is of the essence, chaos ensues in the kitchen.

Keeping your kitchen clutter-free can be challenging, no matter the size. So, when you are updating your kitchen look, considering your storage solutions will make a significant difference in how much you enjoy your stunning new look when using it day-to-day.

If you’re looking to update your kitchen to be more convenient and user-friendly, we’ve compiled a guide on how to use storage solutions to optimise every corner and space. And, you’ll be pleased to know, it doesn’t involve ripping out your current kitchen and starting from scratch. On the contrary, we’ve got a much more environmentally friendly approach, using clever solutions that will improve your kitchen’s organisation without going through a complete refit.


Drawers you look forward to opening

Drawers may only be a small element in the kitchen, but they are definitely one of the most used. Think about how often you and your family open and close your utensil drawers daily. It can be very frustrating when they’re jammed full of tangled paraphernalia. Instead, adopting the right drawer that offers effective organisation can make that experience seamless.

Drawers can be excellent storage solutions if they are well-designed. From slim drawers for cutlery and small items to deep ones that can hold cookware, dishes and even pots and pans, having a drawer that you can fully pull out allows you to see and reach all of your equipment and easily keep it organised.

When updating your kitchen drawers, there are two elements to consider: the drawer boxes themselves and the inner dividing systems.


Drawer boxes

When choosing drawer boxes, look for something that offers a smooth quality of motion with a well-designed runner system, such as our LEGRABOX drawers. These are available in two depths to accommodate varying needs and are designed for heavy-laden boxes, supporting capacities of up to 40 and 70kg, even when fully extended. Our LEGRABOX drawers have a slimline profile design yet offer high front stability to be as stable as possible.

The rectangular design and cabinet profile of our TANDEMBOX Antaro drawer boxes also offer top-quality motion while still having a carrying capacity of up to 65kg. With low-friction cylindrical nylon rollers, they open and close softly and with ease every time.


Drawer organisation

When it comes to drawer organisation, everyone’s needs are different, and these can evolve over time, too, as you accumulate more things or change the priorities in your kitchen. A practical, intelligently designed drawer system can make your life easier and help you be more efficient in the kitchen; no more hunting around for items that have fallen down the back of the drawer!

We’ve designed our inner dividing systems to help everything in your kitchen have its place, from small items, such as your knives, forks and spoons, to larger items, such as chopping boards or cookware, as well as oddly shaped items that often have the tendency to cause havoc when opening and closing drawers. Our drawer divider systems can also be adapted to work with how you are using your kitchen at the time. Frames can simply be snapped out and repositioned to create a variety of sizes.

If you’re looking for a minimalist look when storing your smaller items, such as cutlery, opt for our AMBIA-LINE range. With elegant frames that are easy to position, these dividing systems use a magnet attachment to ensure a secure hold.


Food organisation for your larders

Spacious larders or tall units are a great luxury but can often mean that food lingers lost at the back, often going out of date. However, a larder unit with carefully designed storage can be a practical and effective way to organise your produce.

Look for units with a cabinet design that offers full extensions, giving you complete visibility and access from three sides, such as our tall larder unit, SPACE TOWER. Providing a clear view of everything you have in stock, they reduce food waste and your shopping bill!

As with your kitchen drawers, flexibility in your storage options within your tall unit or larder helps you find a place for all your items and keeps everything organised and mess-free. Also, make sure the pull-outs in your cabinet can sustain heavy weight. With heavy bottles and tins often stored here, you’ll need good weight capacity to hold your items safely.



Clever kitchen corners

The corners of kitchen units are often spaces that do not get used effectively. Without a thoughtful design, items can get pushed to the back, out-of-reach and forgotten. However, adopt solutions that allow you to access these areas with ease, and you’ll gain a lot more space in your kitchen units.

At Granite and TREND Transformation, we offer two effective solutions for maximising your corner space. Fluid Corner offers a carousel system that swivels smoothly out of the unit to ensure you can reach your items easily. Each shelf moves independently, separating to give you better visibility of your goods. The height-adjustable shelves of Fluid Corner are perfectly balanced and come with removable anti-slip mats so that your things do not move as they rotate.

Our other option for tackling awkward kitchen corner units is our Magic Corner system. Just by opening the unit door and pulling on the handle, the front shelves swing out effortlessly, giving you easy access to everything stored inside. This storage solution is excellent for cookware gadgets and appliances that often get stuck at the back of the cupboard, making it too much hassle to get them out to use.


Opening with ease

When you’re in the flow of cooking, opening and closing cabinets to access what you need can become cumbersome. However, leaving open eye-level or overhead doors can become even more of a concern, leading to bumped heads and bruises.

You can get around this issue with a new way of designing your cabinet doors. Instead of traditionally opening outwards, look for ones that open and lift upwards and out of range of your head, like our AVENTOS range of lift systems. Suitable even for large or heavy cabinets, this design allows you to leave cabinet fronts open for easy access as you work without worrying about a collision.

With handless fronts, our AVENTOS range is sleek, modern and practical. The lift and soft-close technology enable doors to open smoothly and shut softly, protecting your cabinets and any misplaced fingers. Include SERVO-DRIVE in the design, and it just takes a single touch for your cabinets to open independently.


A solution that is not a waste of space

With the average household in England generating around 500kg of waste per year, it makes sense for both you and your family and the environment to have a solution where you can conveniently separate your waste for recycling, collection and composting as appropriate.

Having an in-built waste bin, such as our ECO-top built-in waste bin, is an excellent solution for keeping your rubbish hidden from guests while also avoiding any nasty odours. With a range of different shapes, sizes and separation options, and extra strong handles to ensure nothing gets spilt, it provides a stylish way of managing your waste disposal.


Little things that make a big difference

At Granite and TREND Transformations, we have a great range of other clever storage solutions designed to make using your kitchen a joy. For example, our Pinello Internal is a slimline base unit pull-out, ingeniously designed to make effective use of every inch of space within your cupboards.

Our Tablo storage shelf is another small but hugely helpful storage solution. This compact storage shelf can be installed anywhere to hold items for which you need quick, easy and regular access.

We make those high cupboards easily accessible for you too. Instead of stretching awkwardly to reach items at the back of these cupboards or clambering on top of your kitchen surfaces, our compact, foldable Stepolo step ladder makes getting to your out-of-reach items just a step or two away.

All of these items and more can be found in our brand-new kitchen storage solutions brochure.


An end-to-end service that makes kitchen storage simple

If you need help with designing and installing storage solutions for your kitchen, we offer an end-to-end service. From devising clever ideas tailored to your needs to fitting them at a time that suits you, we make kitchen organisation easy. To get in touch with our team to book a consultation, please get in touch with us here or take a closer look at our new range of kitchen storage solutions by downloading our latest brochure.


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