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The Art of Table Scaping

What does Table scaping mean? Put simply, table-scaping considers all the elements of a table setting – from the plates, glasses, and utensils to the centrepieces and other decorations – all arranged in an artistic, aesthetic manner to delight both host and guests.

From Christmas to Christenings, a beautiful tablescape sets the tone for any celebration. From casual to elegant, spending time with guests is about more ceremony than simply the food.

Consider setting your table as a catalyst for conversation and celebration for the upcoming Coronation! It all starts with a beautifully laid table. Setting the mood and ambiance of the occasion with carefully curated centre pieces, a tablecloth, maybe a runner, some beautiful china piled high, and sparking glassware. Heavy cutlery, flowers, candles, and even place cards and tiny gifts (homemade boxes or crackers can be for any celebration) – are those extra touches your guests will adore. Ready to dive in and get creative? So, where to start…

Choose a theme and a colour. Everything can then revolve around these elements.

Once the theme is decided, start with covering the table. You can choose a complete tablecloth or a runner down the centre. If you don’t have a large enough tablecloth to cover your larger than usual table – try mixing and matching what you do have. Draping odd patterns and clashing colours can add to the tablescape vibe. Failing that, a large bedsheet always works wonders!

Add place mats and charger plates if you have them. They are not essential but elevate the look and keep a sense of the place setting when the crockery is removed.

The centrepiece is often the focal point of the tablescape but can come in various forms. Include interesting textures – play with contrast: rough wood, branches, foliage, and flowers all work wonderfully against natural linen, smooth china, and twinkling glassware. Long plant vines along the runner, layered with seasonal flora (think eucalyptus and winter pinecones or budding branches of pussywillow in the spring), can all be natural, sustainable, and beautiful.

A collection of individual glass jars filled with flowers can also add a beautiful dimension – either as a centrepiece or as mismatched vases dotted around. Think about height and depth – tall candles, squat vases. Adding candles into the centrepiece or at each setting is a must for some ambient light and really makes the glass on the table dazzle.

While fresh-cut flowers add a touch of delicate fragility and scent to the table, faux flowers can be just as impactful.

For longer, more robust centrepieces that can be used repeatedly, ficus leaf, fern spray, and the wide varieties of eucalyptus make the perfect base. Using natural elements brings the outside and a sense of nature to any table.

For a more sensory experience, try a bowl of cut lemons, shiny apples, cut herbs, or wild flowers. The scent, texture, and colour will all add to the experience.

Then comes the crockery. Even if you whisk them away to be warmed or to serve onto, plates and bowls make the table look complete, so do add them!

Next, come the glasses. Use different heights for drama and decide whether you’re going uniform and have enough of everything – or whether you’re going to opt for assorted shapes, sizes, and colours, these aspects can all play into the tablescape.

Then utensils and napkins. Cloth napkins are preferable and can be washed and reused. Making a unique napkin ring is a lovely way of making the table individual with twine, ribbon, or flowers wrapped around it.

An added touch is place cards for your guests. You don’t have to be a calligraphy expert to achieve these. Using mixed-sized stamps or asking the family’s younger members to write them can be charming. Combining these with your napkin ring is also effective.

As a final flourish, chair decorations can be beautiful but only partially necessary. If outside and planning to party into the early evening, include a pashmina, rug, or blanket.

And again, if dining outside, consider swapping candle sticks for hurricane lamps to protect the candle from being blown out. Potted plants make for great outdoor tables, as do dried branches that you might consider hanging the odd ornament on if it matches the occasion.

When it comes to the Coronation celebration, not all tables have to mirror the Castle that will host the Coronation of King Charles. Mix and match can be lots of fun and can even turn into a new hobby. Try rummaging charity shops or bargain bins for those last few discounted items. If you plan and explore, you can collect a fabulous assortment that lifts the table. Our top tip is to pick one colourway and stick with it, be it red, pink, green, silver, gold, or simple white; then you know it will always work together.

Enjoy the table-scaping and the celebration and share the results on social with us – we’d love to see how you celebrated and your beautiful tablescapes. #overthetop #affordableluxury

Janet x

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