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The kitchen in a day that helps you save the world!

  • 3 minute read
  • Jan 2nd, 2020

January 2020

If you could change your kitchen in a day, would you be tempted? Remodelling a kitchen is the quick, cost-effective alternative to the disruption and inconvenience of a total replacement. Remodelling is fast; and the resultant dream kitchen is certainly no compromise.

Granite & TREND Transformations specialises in kitchen and bathroom makeovers which are carried out in a day as they retain the existing unit and floor layout. This saves on messy and often unnecessary installation of perfectly good units; saving time, money and damage to the environment. Less waste means less mess and debris, and less wood and natural resources heading off to landfill.

Even the existing worktops are repurposed as Granite & TREND Transformations has developed a unique quartz and granite worktop that fits over the existing worktops like a glove. Granite & TREND worktops are as hard-wearing and durable as a normal quartz or granite worktop. Because Granite & TREND Transformations coats each worktop with a special sealant, ForeverSeal®, the worktops are maintenance-free. The unique ForeverSeal® also ensures all surfaces are nonporous and never need to be sealed – unlike traditional granite, quartz and marble surfaces, all of which require regular sealing which costs both time and money.

The distinctive characteristic of the materials used is how thin they are. At under 10mm, the worktops can easily sit on the existing framework and worktop yet offer the same strength and durability of traditionally heavier and bulkier solid quartz, granite and concrete surfaces.

The range of surfaces also increases not just in colour but finish also; the portfolio includes a polished concrete finish in Portland white and Portland silver. This is better than polished concrete because the material is non-porous unlike natural concrete worktops. The company employs a  process called ‘sublimation’ to transfer a concrete look onto its base slabs (white or silver) so you get the benefits of a beautiful looking concrete top with the practicalities and durability of this innovative material.

By using a slender profile, natural resources are saved, benefiting the environment through utilising physical products to their maximum and enabling more worktops to be made from a smaller amount of natural granite and quartz. Another environmental benefit is the ability to transport more worktops saving on road miles as many more worktops can be carried using the same weight and height dimensions of a single traditional quartz or granite worktop.

The green credentials of a Granite & TREND Transformations kitchen or bathroom do not end there though. For those keen on recycling, many tiles and worktops also have up to 78% recycled glass combined with semi-precious stones, making them a beautiful and eco-friendly option. The company also supplies a wide range of replacement doors to complete the transformation with skilled fitters able to change the entire look and feel of your kitchen or bathroom in less than 24 hours.

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