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The Latest Kitchen Design Trends to Consider for 2022

  • 7 minute read
  • Jan 5th, 2022

The beginning of a new year is an excellent time for a fresh start. It’s a time for taking stock of what’s important and making some changes, so it’s no surprise that it’s also a popular time for planning home renovations.

You may be looking for a refresh to your current décor or a complete remodel. Either way, as it is often the busiest room and where we spend a lot of our time, the kitchen is usually top of everybody’s list when it comes to updating your home.

While certain kitchen designs are timeless, other styles come in and out of fashion. In this blog, we share the kitchen design trends that will be in vogue over the next 12 months, so you can make sure your home will be stylish and on-trend.

With people now working from home more, how we use our kitchen is changing, often becoming a multifunctional room that can be used throughout the day. As a result, people are injecting more personality into their kitchens than ever before and playing with colours, styles and textures in brand new ways.

This move towards a more ‘lived-in’ look in the kitchen, along with a greater focus on sustainability, will result in styles that incorporate old and new to create rooms that are full of character while still practical.


Multifunctional spaces

With home or hybrid working becoming much more common since the start of the pandemic, we are spending much more time at home and much more time in the kitchen, and this room is becoming more multifunctional. The kitchen might need to be an office or provide a relaxing space that can be used throughout the day, rather than just at mealtimes. This need for practical solutions is also driving style trends.

In 2022, the fashion will be for the kitchen to have multiple uses, and so the design choices will blur the boundaries with other rooms in the house. For example, the kitchen might incorporate a seating area with a wood-burning stove, and more general, wooden shelving or dressers may find a place in the kitchen. The trend will be for kitchens to have more personal touches and a cosy, ‘lived-in’ look.

Neat design solutions will be essential to enable this multi-purpose approach, such as hidden desk areas to allow space for homeworking. Built-in dining booths will also be a popular choice, creating a dining area that uses as little space as possible and seamlessly blends with the rest of the room. Streamlined units, sensor-enabled cupboard doors and clean finishes will create a concealed kitchen style, allowing the space to serve different purposes. We are seeing the return of pantries, allowing all the food to be stored in one place, leaving the rest of the kitchen free for other uses.

For those who want to create some boundaries between the rooms, glass partitions will be making a comeback, creating a flexible and neutral division between the kitchen and other rooms.


Going green

While the colour green will be in style, sustainable kitchens will also be a hot trend for 2022. Everyone is trying to be a little eco-friendlier, and this change in attitude will also affect how we remodel our kitchens.

Recycled kitchens will be popular as many choose to be kinder to the environment and to save some money after what has been a difficult couple of years for most people. If buying new, the focus will be on responsibly sourced and durable materials, ensuring that we are having as little impact on the world around us as possible and that our kitchens are built to last.

Another more environmentally- and wallet-friendly option is just to change the cupboard doors and worktop, creating an entirely new look by upgrading what is there already. Granite and TREND Transformations specialise in replacement worktops and cupboard doors in a variety of on-trend styles and colours.


Bringing the outside in

The focus on the world around us will also be seen in the materials we choose for our kitchens, with natural materials becoming hugely popular.

Wood will continue to be fashionable, though it will be natural and more textured. Stylists predict that walnut, a rather retro and unpopular choice so far, will be hugely in vogue in the coming season.

Wooden kitchens will be paired with other natural materials like granite and marble as people play with textures and styles. In line with this trend, our unique and durable etherium® By E-Stone worktops and surfaces are easy to fit and available in quartz, granite or recycled glass, all heat, stain, scratch, mould and mildew resistant.

There will also be an increase in skylights in kitchens in 2022 with a move towards incorporating more natural light in these spaces.


Retro and vintage styles

In terms of kitchen design, the looks next year will be more vintage, as many people choose traditional, heritage styles for their cosy kitchens.

Certainly, the trend for walnut kitchen units lends itself to a mid-century style, and this will continue with flooring choices. Classic designs like herringbone and chequerboard will be popular, though with modern twists like the use of patterned tiles or different colours instead of the typical black and white.

To continue this retro vibe, wallpaper in kitchens will see a comeback too. While this will complement the vintage, traditional look, wallpaper can now also be a practical choice for the kitchen, with wallpapers specifically designed to cope with the excess moisture from cooking.

In line with the fashion for multi-purpose rooms, 2022’s kitchen designs will also see the mix of old and new much more than previously, as people incorporate antiques and rustic statement pieces of furniture into otherwise modern kitchens.


Bold and beautiful

Much like the materials, the colours for 2022 will be bold, dark and contrasting. While navy will continue to be a popular choice, deep greens and reds will also be fashionable, contributing to a more heritage, vintage trend.

Richly veined white marble will be a fashionable option for worktops to complement these dark kitchen unit tones. While a practical choice in terms of durability and ease of cleaning, marble also creates a luxurious, high-end impression for those looking for kitchens that will be really impressive.

In terms of splashbacks and upstands, the play with different textures continues, with choices like glass, quartz or glazed tiles. For tiles, a shiny gloss finish will be in style, making them wipe-clean but also providing contrast against other more natural materials.

Our etherium® By E-Stone surfaces fit nicely into these themes. Incorporating quartz, granite or recycled glass in a range of colours and styles, they make for an on-trend and practical option for worktops, splashbacks and upstands.


All that glitters

In the next twelve months, these deep, earthy colours and natural materials will be paired with metallic accents. Though this is a continuing trend from previous years, brushed nickel and stainless steel will be less popular, with rich copper and gold tones coming to the fore.

The combination of boldly coloured units and white marble with gold fittings provides a stark contrast and will be the ultimate choice for those leaning towards a more lavish style.

Aside from taps, cupboard door handles and fittings, metallic features will be used in new ways next year, in mesh front cabinets, for example, or in statement hoods/extractors. In terms of lighting, large pendants will be in vogue, with different lighting styles to differentiate different zones within the room.


Futuristic fridges

While the styles will be vintage, that will definitely not be the case when it comes to appliances. Smart appliances will be the must-have gadgets for 2022 and onwards. Paired with mid-century design, we might feel we are living in a 1950s vision of the future.

Appliances like kettles, toasters, fridge freezers and ovens will become smart, with the option to sync with devices like phones or tablets for increased control and functionality. If your dream kitchen gadget is a Bluetooth digital electric smoker, this can now become a reality.

Boiling water taps have recently been all the rage, but the next generation of smart taps will be able to provide any kind of water, whether you want it chilled, filtered or even sparkling.

Next year will also see a move towards more appliances in a drawer design for increased space and simpler use, which will include freezers and dishwashers.

Are you looking to update and future-proof your kitchen for the new year? At Granite and TREND Transformations, we specialise in replacement kitchen cupboard doors and our etherium® By E-Stone worktops and surfaces.


We offer a huge range of styles and materials, so you can create your dream kitchen with us whether you are drawn to a cosy, traditional feel or high-end luxury. We also provide unique storage solutions and high-quality appliances, making us a one-stop-shop for your kitchen remodel.

Why not try out our 3D Kitchen & Bathroom Design Tool or get in touch to speak to one of our senior design consultants.

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