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The Many Wonderful of Uses of Granite

Granite remains one of the most popular materials used for kitchen worktops. Exuding luxury, a granite worktop is not only strikingly beautiful, but incredibly hard-wearing, and can potentially last for decades, if not centuries. However, granite is never far away, and you’d be surprised at its many versatile uses and the places you’d find it. Granite and TREND Transformations explain how we use this amazing product for our kitchen and bathroom surfaces, and then take a tour further afield to explore its wider uses.

How granite is formed

Granite is an igneous rock, formed from the slow crystallisation of magma below the Earth’s surface. Made up of several different minerals, granite has beautiful flecks and streaks in a spectrum of colours throughout its rock. From warm earth tones to flashes of green, blue or red and monochromatic blacks, greys and whites, the uniqueness of granite makes it a dramatic, luxury feature no matter how it is used in your home.

How we use granite to create our etherium™ by E-Stone surfaces

At Granite and TREND Transformations, we harness the eye-catching beauty of granite to create our etherium™ by E-Stone surfaces for kitchens and bathrooms. Our innovative manufacturing process takes high-quality, Italian granite and combines it with ForeverSeal®, a state-of-the-art polymer resin. A meticulous approach of subtly layering the material creates unique and striking colours, patterns and textures. This unique method of manufacture, used to create our etherium™ by E-Stone surfaces, results in a lighter, stronger product that is only 6.7mm thick.

Advantages of our etherium™ by E-Stone surfaces

Incorporating the ForeverSeal® into our etherium™ by E-Stone surfaces ensures they are resistant to staining, scratching and scorching. Also offering protection against mould and mildew, all our surfaces are nonporous and never need to be sealed.

However, we take the hygiene of our products one step further with the use of Microban® technology. This built-in, antimicrobial technology creates an inhospitable environment for bacteria growth, inhibiting their reproduction and ultimately preventing them from reproducing. Lasting for the duration of the product, it helps to ensure our surfaces stay hygienic and safe 24/7.

Uses for our etherium™ by E-Stone surfaces

Kitchen worktops

Granite remains one of the most popular materials used for kitchen worktops. And, at Granite and TREND Transformations, the kitchen worktop is one of our flagship products, made from our etherium™ by E-Stone surfaces. Exuding luxury, these worktops are not only strikingly beautiful but incredibly hard-wearing. Spills can be easily wiped clean, and with the addition of ForeverSeal®, our proprietary polymer resin, there is no worry of scratches or stains.

Traditional kitchen style


Why not extend the beauty of your kitchen worktop to your splashbacks? The latest advances in manufacturing technology mean that our etherium™ by E-Stone surfaces can be custom designed, cut and fitted to almost any space. And, using our unique ‘top that fits on top’ installation process, they’re ideal for your wall splashbacks. With their hard-wearing properties, our splashbacks are highly suitable for daily kitchen use. Any cooking splashes or splutters can be effortlessly wiped away, enabling your splashback to look stunning for a long time to come.

Floor tiles and stair treads

Just because the floor is beneath your feet doesn’t mean it deserves any less attention than the rest of your home renovations. Incorporating granite into our etherium™ by E-stone flooring, you can enjoy the luxury of this uniquely patterned material, without the worry of deterioration from heavy foot traffic and the scratchy paws of pets. A simple sweep or occasional mop will keep it looking as pristine as the day it was installed.

Our etherium™ by E-stone flooring is available using granite in a range of colours to match the style of your home. Originally developed for the restoration of ancient public and private buildings in Rome, these surfaces are made for their extreme strength while epitomising the beauty of ancient Italian architecture.

Bathroom tiles, wet rooms and sinks

Including granite into your bathroom with our etherium™ by E-Stone surfaces delivers a whole lot more than just adding to the indulgent zen. It is also immensely practical. As a waterproof material, water vapour and splashes cannot penetrate it. On its surface, dirt, soap and any bacteria can quickly and hygienically be wiped away. Use it for bathroom tiles, in showers and wet rooms, or even for the sink for a long-lasting, exquisite bathroom sparkle.

Wider uses for granite

Granite is multifaceted in its applications, which sometimes extend way beyond the kitchen and bathroom. Here are a few other examples of where this incredible material can be used:


For a unique statement piece in your dining room, how about considering a granite tabletop? A polished granite surface, with flecks of colour running through it, will look just gorgeous when lit by candlelight at a dinner party. You can relax and enjoy your evening, without the worry of wine spillage or serving mishaps, which can easily be wiped away, without damage.

Granite shelves

Extend the theme of your granite kitchen worktop or bathroom tiles, using this versatile material for your shelves. Using off-cuts or scraps from your other granite installations, this could be a cost-effective addition that enhances the look of your room. Depending on the style in your home, you could opt for the elegant polished granite slabs or use unfinished granite for a charming, yet more rustic, appeal.

Art in its own right

The fact that granite is available as striking artwork in itself is testament to its visual appeal. Like any other piece of original art, it offers a uniqueness that will not be found elsewhere. Install slabs on your walls or use granite pieces as tabletop decorations. Granite is even available in chips that can be used to fill a decorative bowl.

Outdoor kitchens and bars

Are you dreaming of hosting a memorable outdoor party with barbeques, cocktails and fire features? Using granite for your outdoor kitchens, bars, and patio tables will bring a luxurious flair that your guests will love.

Ensure your features are properly installed, and the granite will withstand even the coldest of winters with ice and snow, and still look enticing when you are ready to host outside again. The variety of tones available mean that granite will complement any other elements that you have in your patio and garden. Just be cautious with the darker colours, which can become hot when exposed to direct sunlight.

Granite features in the wider environment

If you thought that granite was reserved for polished kitchen worktops, you might be surprised at its wide variety of uses that stretch way beyond the home.

For example, crushed granite is often used as a subbase and base material in road and highway construction – another clear illustration of its resilience. You’ll find granite used for the exteriors of buildings and in both the structural and decorative, facing elements of bridges. In fact, this high-quality material is regularly considered for many exterior projects.

In recent years, as quarrying and manufacturing techniques have advanced, granite has overtaken marble as the material of choice for gravestones, offering durability and elegance, especially when polished. Its use for memorials also extends to much larger monuments, including the ancient head of the King of Thebes, located in the British Museum in London, Shiva, the Brihadeeswarar Temple in India, and probably one of the world’s most infamous monuments, Mount Rushmore in the USA.


When you consider the advantages and many uses of granite, it really is quite an amazing material. So, if you’re planning a home makeover, perhaps don’t restrict its use to just a granite worktop, get imaginative and explore how it could be used to create an elegant design thread throughout your house and garden.

If you’d like to find out more about how Granite and TREND Transformations can help you plan your kitchen and bathroom makeovers, please get in contact with our team. We’d be pleased to assist you with your ideas.



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