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The Practicalities of a Kitchen Transformation – Your “How do we fit our worktops around hobs and sinks?” question answered

Are you curious about how that stunning worktop you ordered for your kitchen or bathroom comes to life? It’s a fascinating journey that involves precise measurements, skilled craftsmanship, and meticulous attention to detail.

In fact, we often get asked questions about the practicalities of our kitchen transformation process and so in this article we’re addressing one of the most common questions…

How do we fit our worktops around hobs and sinks?


Step 1: Design Consultation and Order Placement
Your journey starts with a visit to one of our Design Consultants in our showrooms across the UK. They’re experts in understanding your needs and helping you choose the perfect worktop for your space. Once you’ve made your decision, they take your order and initiate the process.

Step 2: The Template Creation
Upon receiving your order, the first thing your design consultant does is schedule a visit to your home. During this visit, precise measurements of the area where the worktop will be installed are taken. These measurements are essential to ensure a perfect fit. Think of it like creating a blueprint for your worktop. The result is a paper template that outlines the exact dimensions and shape required for your space.

Step 3: Crafting in the Workshop
The template is then taken to our showroom workshop. Here, skilled technicians get to work creating your worktop. Using the template as a guide, they carefully cut and shape the chosen material to fit your space seamlessly. Just like a tailor creates a bespoke suit, our craftsmen mould and shape the edges to ensure a snug fit. The result is akin to a jigsaw puzzle piece that perfectly aligns with your kitchen or bathroom layout.

Step 4: Installation Day
The eagerly awaited installation day arrives! Your new worktop, beautifully crafted in our workshop, is delivered to your home. The installation process involves a few key steps:

  • Removal of Sink and Hob: Our skilled installers begin by removing your sink and/or hob. This is all part of our comprehensive fitting service, designed to make the installation process smooth and hassle-free for you.
  • Precise Positioning: To ensure everything fits perfectly, your sink or hob is used as a template. It’s placed on the worktop to mark exactly where it will be positioned.
  • Customisation: With the template in place, any necessary adjustments are made. This may involve cutting a hole for the sink or hob, ensuring these fit seamlessly into the worktop.
  • Fitting and Finishing Touches: Once everything is aligned and customised, your new worktop is carefully laid into position. The sink and taps are plumbed in with expertise, and the hob is connected back to the mains. This is the moment when your space transforms with the addition of the elegant and functional worktop.
  • Completion: The installation is finalised, and all the finishing touches are added. The result is a worktop that not only looks stunning but is durable and practical for daily life.

So, there you have it!
We’ve given you a sneak peek into how we take a simple order and turn it into a customised masterpiece that fits your home like a glove – and works seamlessly with your sink or hob. We kick things off with careful measurements, move on to the skilled workmanship in our workshop, and wrap it all up with a smooth installation process. Throughout this journey, we make sure every step is done with utmost precision and care. What makes us stand out is our complete project management approach – we’re not just about the product, but also about the entire experience from beginning to end. We’re thrilled to offer you exceptional service every step of the way, and we take genuine pride in being a part of making your home even more special.

And don’t just take our word for it… read the 5 star reviews from our recent customers.



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