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To transform or not to transform: what did Rosemary Shrager do?

If you’re wondering how to update your kitchen or re-do a space, then you’ve come to the right place. Our stunning worktops and cabinet doors can transform a kitchen – just ask renowned chef, Rosemary Shrager! We recently helped Rosemary to completely change the ground floor of her flat into a beautiful open-plan kitchen-dining-living space.

Rosemary reached out to us as she knew we could help her transform the space as we previously did the worktops at her cookery school. With a plan for how she wanted her kitchen to look already in mind, we worked alongside Rosemary to produce her perfect kitchen.

The kitchen design all started with a piece of marble. Rosemary had a slab of veined Georgian marble, which had been part of her father’s home in Cornwall, and wanted to integrate this into her new kitchen. Steve Fury, one of our kitchen designers (who Rosemary referred to as “the best ever”), came up with the idea of incorporating the design of the Georgian marble into the kitchen scheme by suggesting marble-effect worktops and slate cabinetry for the units, which echoes the veining in the original material.

The neutral-coloured cabinetry beautifully blended with the Arabescato worktop, which is one of our new surface colours, and the original piece of marble was included in the scheme as the finishing touch on a sideboard. Rosemary was delighted with this, “What [the designer] did was, he took something really important to me in my life, and my kitchen life, took it and transferred it into this contemporary kitchen. It is a workable piece of art.”

She commented that “handles would have looked too bitty”, so we pulled the whole kitchen scheme together with handleless cabinetry, to achieve a clean and fresh look. “I feel like I’m walking into my dreamland,” said Rosemary, once we’d completed the kitchen.

Rosemary had a lovely kitchen prior to our makeover. However, it was not to her taste, and, functionally, it did not work for her.  Rosemary worked with our in-house Technical designer to choose her doors and worktops, sink and tap. She explains to Steve how she requires an island for creating her recipes and for filming her new upcoming TV show.



The complete kitchen installation of worktop and doors took 2 weeks. This included, cabinetry, doors, panels, mechanisms, worktops and appliances.  The recent article in Kitchen Bedrooms and Bathrooms Magazine October Issue quoted four months.  The four months included a wall being moved, replacement floor, plastering, painting and wiring as she extendend her original kitchen into another room to create more space.  The cost of the new Marble effect Arabescato worktop and  the doors cost a total of £15,000. Doors were Rothwell in Supermatt Dust Grey.

And, all of this was wonderfully documented in the October issue of home interiors magazine, Kitchens, Bedrooms & Bathrooms (KBB),  (you can pick up a back issue from We used our close PR contacts to organise a photoshoot with a professional photographer which saw KBB’s Features Editor style the shoot and interview Rosemary. You can read the magazine for inspirational ideas and give us a call to see what we can do for you.

Here are some behind the scenes picture of our photoshoot with Rosemary. Below,  she is working with our Granite and TREND Transformations photogapher to get the perfect photograph of her new kitchen (left: image on the ipad right: working with our Granite & TREND Transformations photographer)




Rosemary designed her perfect kitchen with us to use for entertaining her friends, filming her new TV show and for everyday living.

The Arabscato worktop complimented her family marble, that our expert, in-house,  designer used to create a bespoke cabinet with the same Rothwell in Supermatt Dust Grey doors used throughout the kitchen.

She required a large hardwearing stainless steel sink for all of her larger pots and pans and a swan neck 3 in 1 hot tap for easy filling of her vases and instant hot water for cooking pasta.

As you would expect from a chef, Rosemary had a lot of chopping boards so, as pictured above, our designer included a specific section solely for storing all of her boards.

Source: Arabescato Worktop  : Doors Rothwell in Supermatt Dust Grey.from B.A Components : Stainless steel sink is a BLANCO and 3 in one hot tap is a Franke tap.  All of which included in your design from Granite & TREND Transformations and will be ordered, managed and fitted via us.  Relax and let us do it all for you.

Arabescato is part of our Classic Marble Worktops Collection and is designed to look like traditional marble, but these surfaces are actually made from quartz and recycled glass. The marble veining that runs throughout each worktop results in a beautiful marble-looking surface, but with all the great qualities of quartz and recycled glass. These include nonporous, stain and scratch-resistant, mould and mildew-resistant, and easy to maintain including no need to reseal.  The result? You get the best of both worlds, without the inherent challenges that come with traditional marble, such as its porous, soft nature, which isn’t ideal for high-traffic, busy areas like kitchens and bathrooms.

Our marble colours – Carrara, Calacatta, Statuario and Arabescato – encompass the most popular types of marble worktops which match with a broad variety of mosaic tile colours and doors.

Be like Rosemary and get your perfect kitchen today without the hassle and cost of replacing your existing kitchen.  Resurface your worktops with top quality, customised worktops designed, made and installed by Granite and TREND Transformations.

Let us help you start planning your renovation project. Find a showroom near you today, fill out the form, or call to schedule a free in-home design consultation.

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