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Top kitchen trends in 2021

  • 5 minute read
  • Jan 12th, 2021

The heart of the home, and also your new schoolroom or hotdesk!

The question of house trends, particularly that of kitchens, is often a matter of perception born from travels, musings, industry information, and trendsetting style gurus.

This year, the trend is born from reality. If 2020 taught us to stay at home and stay safe, 2021 now requests a change in perspective on most things we take for granted, from the way we work to our relationship with our living spaces.

Whilst we still aim for the calm oasis of uncluttered worktops – in 2021 this is because straight after breakfast, the kitchen transforms into its next functional space. The schoolroom.

The reality is our homes, and especially our kitchens – are being used and multitasked to the max as we spend more and more time in them.  The kitchen, as well as a café, restaurant and entertainment zone has now extended its duty into classroom, design studio and hot desk office!

Read on to discover Granite & TREND Transformations top 10 trends to look out for in 2021

Maximise the minimalism

Minimalist space with Matt Kombo Green and Natural Oak


Acknowledging the need for a blended kitchen, we can design the space to work for you on a variety of levels. Adding discreet storage for kitchen gadgets, means at the close of a door, the worktop transforms into a minimalist workspace!  Smart clever storage allows for multifunctional spaces creating an uncluttered look that is easy to clean and easy to tidy to be ready for its next use.  From breakfast bar to boardroom in two simple moves.  By creating adaptable spaces that transform throughout the day as our needs change, we make the best of even the most compact of spaces.

Larder Cupboards

Beautiful Belgravia Dresser in Dark Blue


Big on trend for 2021 is the addition of a pantry or larder and the return of the dresser.  We see crockery on display once more in the dresser, but food and gadgets are hidden away.  By creating a pantry cupboard, providing well placed, concealed storage for our multitude of ingredients and gadgets we unfit the kitchen and offer the idea of bespoke living spaces.  And of course, the beauty with our kitchen designs is that, whilst you’re saving all the time, mess and disruption of a brand new kitchen, as we’re refacing rather than totally replacing your kitchen – we can still change and add functionality.

Smart charging

Integrating plenty of sockets, or a charging drawer, with USB ports included, tucked away into our cabinets we eliminate the need for wires trailing across the surfaces and catching crumbs. Pop up outlets on your kitchen island are perfect for the worktop to workstation transition.

Fantastic charging drawer to keep your kitchen or office tidy


Keeping it clean

Growing in 2021 is the need for neat and tidy plus clean, clean, clean! Surfaces and cabinets that are easy to wipe clean and keep clean are a constant requirement.  Our Granite & TREND Transformations worktops with our unique embedded Microban® (anti-microbial technology) offer the perfect solution.

Imagine having a surface that automatically reduces bacteria throughout the day! Our exclusive partnership with global brand Microban® is ground breaking in the world of engineered stone worktops. The mould and mildew resistance provided by our proprietary Forever Seal®, coupled with the built-in antimicrobial technology from Microban®, make etherium® By E-Stone, the range of products we manufacture, the ideal surfaces for kitchens and beyond.

built-in antimicrobial technology from Microban®


Keeping it green

Adding low energy LED lights can transform your bills and your kitchen. Try zoning areas with soft floor level lighting and under counter lamps to change the tone and mood.  The sink can be upgraded with energy efficient taps and even a composting waste disposal.

Shake up and wake up

Why reface rather than replace? Well, apart from the savings you’ll make by not ripping out cabinet carcasses and stripping off old tiles, refacing cuts the amount of builder’s waste that would otherwise go to landfill by as much as 75%.

Cabinet refacing means you can switch up styles and colours with minimum disruption. Add a new handle and your kitchen makeover is complete!

Big up the upstand

Traditionally the walls of the kitchen have been tiled with a different material to the worktop. A small upstand crafted from the same worktop material perfectly blends the two together.  For a slick finish, with our super thin unique Etherium® by E-stone we can eliminate the wall tiles and carry the upstand all the way up the wall to meet the underside of your wall cabinets. This provides you with a beautifully clean consistent look, with no grout or gaps to contend with. You can splash, drop, spill whilst you cook – and it all gets sorted with the wipe of a cloth.

Stunning oversized Arabescato upstand with Hadley Porcelain & Dust Grey cabinets


Duo Tone

Embrace the creative and the bold. Continuing with unfitting the kitchen, mixing textures and colours is staying with us in 2021. Fitted and matching is no longer required – you have full permission and plenty of flexibility with our refacing of doors and drawers and range of worktops, to really mix it up!

Streamlined appliances

Why have two when you can have one! We have seen a rise in popularity of the hot water tap. Removing the kettle to de-clutter the worktop and using the tap to deliver boiling water, sparkling water or icy cold water at your fingertips.

Ancillary Spaces

If you have space, a boot room or utility room, or even a scullery are THE hottest trends for 2021.  If the focus is to keep the kitchen beautiful to live and work, (and teach) in, with minimalism, beautiful design and empty worktops – adapting your home with these ancillary places to store unsightly essentials will make your space work much better.  Imagine a room where you can wash, dry and iron your laundry; feed the dogs and park those mucky boots. And most importantly… then close the door.

We hope we’ve inspired you with our 10 design trends for 2021. If you’re thinking of making some changes in 2021, get in touch, we’d be delighted to hear from you.

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