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Completely Transform a Kitchen by Replacing your Cabinet Doors

  • 6 minute read
  • Nov 2nd, 2021

As the central hub of the house and the room where we spend a lot of our waking hours, a new kitchen may seem like the best way to improve your enjoyment of your home.

You may have just moved to a new house where the kitchen is a little tired or doesn’t suit your style. Alternatively, it may have been many years since you last upgraded your kitchen and are keen for a refresh, or your family may have grown, and you need more storage or surface space.

A new, fully fitted kitchen is often high on people’s wish list for their homes, but, for many, this can seem an unattainable dream. However, your perfect kitchen could be a lot easier to achieve than you thought. In many cases, a complete kitchen renovation isn’t required at all, and the same effect can be created with a kitchen makeover. Simply replacing your kitchen cabinet doors is one easy way to get the kitchen of your dreams without weeks of mess and disruption.

In this blog, Granite and TREND Transformations looks at how you can have a new kitchen in as little as a day, whether you are hoping to create a classic, traditional or contemporary style.


Why not get a new fully fitted kitchen?

A full kitchen renovation will give you the whole new look you desire, with the entire replacement of all the units, as well as floors, surfaces and tiling or splashbacks.

In some cases, the kitchen cabinets are very old or broken and need to be entirely replaced, or you may be changing the kitchen’s layout completely and need new units to fit this new shape. However, more often than not, the units themselves are still in good condition and simply require a style update.

Before you commit to a new, fully fitted kitchen, it is essential to take some time to decide what your priorities are and whether new units are really needed. There are several points to consider when planning your new kitchen:

Cost: A new kitchen is a substantial investment, with the kitchen cabinets being one of the most expensive parts, so price is a huge factor. Labour costs also need to be considered. Either you will need to pay additional fees to have your kitchen fitted by the manufacturer, or you will have to employ various tradespeople, including a plumber, electrician and joiner/carpenter. By just refacing the kitchen doors and maybe replacing the worktops, you can achieve the same effect of a new kitchen in a cost-effective way.

Time: It is currently a hectic time for home developments, and it could be months before your new kitchen can be delivered and the right tradespeople are available to fit it. Even then, a full kitchen renovation can take weeks to install. Not only will your kitchen take a lot longer, but for those weeks, you will not have access, or at least be limited in access, to somewhere to prepare food. Replacement kitchen doors can be fitted in a day, meaning less hassle and much lower labour costs.

Stress: The mess and disruption of a total kitchen replacement can bring a lot of stress. There will be the dust and noise of the kitchen fitting, which can be a problem when there are children or vulnerable people in the house and can be very distracting, particularly if any family member is trying to work from home. Besides not having access to the kitchen, everything from the room will need to be stored elsewhere during the renovation, meaning reduced space in the rest of the house.

Sustainability: A complete refit is also a less sustainable and environmentally friendly solution. By reusing the cabinets, you will be creating fewer waste materials. You will be reducing the number of new materials required, and you can always recycle your old cabinet doors by passing them on to someone in need.

Learn more about Granite and TREND Transformations’ commitment to sustainable beauty for the home here.

You may decide it is still worth it to have a brand-new kitchen. However, if your cabinets are still in good condition and you choose to save money and hassle, replacing the cupboard doors, draws, and handles can provide an instant kitchen makeover.

So, what kitchen styles can you easily achieve with new cabinet doors and a little creativity?


The classic kitchen

The clean design and light colours of the classic kitchen is a very popular style and is the ideal solution if you have a smaller or darker kitchen as it will instantly brighten the room and create the illusion of space.

Take a look at the classic kitchen styles available from Granite and TREND Transformations here.

New cupboard doors, fittings and handles can easily give your kitchen a classic refresh with relatively little hassle. Create the perfect finish by painting the walls and ceiling in light and neutral tones and installing one of our light-toned etherium® By E-Stone surface worktops.

Our ‘top that fits on top’ is made to measure and simply fits over your existing surface, complementing your new cabinet doors and completing the look.

Not only stylish, our high-quality etherium® By E-Stone worktops, made from quartz, granite and recycled glass, are heat, stain, scratch, mould and mildew resistant. They are also the only engineered stone products to offer 24/7 Microban® protection, a cutting-edge antimicrobial technology that lasts for the lifetime of a product.

Find out more about the unique ‘top that fits on top’.


country kitchen worktops

The traditional kitchen

Rather than a classic style, you may be drawn to a cosy, farmhouse-inspired look for your kitchen. These are particularly popular in period homes but can also create the traditional aesthetic in a modern home. For a traditional design, think of warm, earthy colours and natural materials.

Replacement kitchen cupboard doors with a wood effect are needed here, though these kitchens are often more colourful than classic styles, so doors painted in a neutral green or warm grey work well. A work surface with darker tones of granite, quartz, porcelain or recycled glass complements this look, and you can take it further by installing a splashback that matches the worktop or opt for a bright, contrasting tile-effect design.

Depending on the chosen colour of the cabinet doors, warm natural colours on the walls will enhance the traditional feel, which can be finished with a large tile design for the flooring. A traditional Belfast-style sink with brass tap fittings would be the perfect final touch to complete this style.

We have various products available to create a traditional, homely kitchen; view them here.


The contemporary kitchen

The contemporary kitchen is all about sleek surfaces, clean lines and industrial finishes, while high-tech features complete the modern feel of the room.

Flat slab cabinet doors create this minimalist look, whether in monochromatic tones or bold colours. To work best with these, worktops should be selected in high gloss black or white.

Cupboard doors without handles that instead have a mechanical opening system, along with soft-close hinges and drawer runners, help to create a seamless finish. For the ultimate modern kitchen, an electrically-assisted system can be installed so that cabinets open at a single touch and close at the press of a switch.

Lighting is also essential, such as LED accent and feature lighting for under wall cabinets and base unit plinths. Coloured lighting looks particularly effective against a white, modern design. Generate an impressive high-tech feel with the latest sensors and remote-control switches for the lights.

Well-designed storage solutions can be concealed behind the clean design, keeping the mess and clutter of the kitchen conveniently hidden from view. Chrome taps and other ‘industrial’ design features can provide the final touch.

Are you feeling inspired to choose a striking, contemporary kitchen? View the options here.



It isn’t always necessary to have your kitchen completely refitted to achieve an entirely new style. Any kitchen design can be created by simply changing a few key features, like the cupboard doors, drawers and fittings, while added accessories can really complete the look.

To complement your new kitchen doors, our worktops are another simple way to make a dramatic change to your kitchen. Made specifically to your requirements, the new surfaces are fitted directly onto existing worktops, tiled splashbacks and flooring, and bonded permanently to the original, resulting in a flawless finish with minimal disruption to your daily life.

Granite and TREND Transformations provide high-quality materials, expert craftsmanship, and end-to-end project management, taking the stress out of your remodel.

Not sure which style of kitchen would suit your home best? View some examples of kitchens before and after refaced doors and worktops, or try our 3D Kitchen & Bathroom Design Tool to help you decide. Alternatively, get in touch with one of our senior design consultants to discuss how we can create your perfect kitchen.

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