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Why Choose Quartz Marble Effect over Solid Marble for Your Worktops

If you are considering a kitchen makeover or even a full-scale refurbishment of what is arguably the busiest space in your home, then you may be pleasantly surprised at the contemporary options for worktops these days.

That’s especially the case when you consider our quartz overlay worktops are quicker and far more convenient when it comes to installing them. They are also easy to maintain, strong and hard-wearing, and more hygienic than traditional marble stone. Alongside all these benefits, they still offer the quality and classic good looks of solid marble worktops. In other words, not only do they provide a valuable service in your kitchen, but they are beautiful to look at, too.

Your worktops and the kitchen cabinetry are the most prominent design elements in your kitchen, so it’s essential to choose wisely.


The problem with solid marble…

There is no question that marble is a stunning stone and lovely to touch. And, yes, it does provide a sensational look for worktops. But there are drawbacks – and it is these that have stopped thousands of homeowners from installing marble worktops in their own kitchens.

Apart from the expense of having real marble worktops, there is the question of maintenance and durability. Marble may look great, but it’s not a particularly practical material for worktops. That’s because the stone is porous, meaning it can absorb liquids spilt on it. Red wine and acid liquids, such as the juice of citrus fruits, can cause the marble to stain and, if it’s not wiped off immediately, then become a permanent unsightly feature of the worktop. Worse still, it can result in the marble cracking over time.

Warm casserole dishes and scalding hot coffee pots cause further problems with marble worktops. This is because the stone isn’t heat resistant either. This kitchen equipment will leave a mark on your beautiful new marble worktop surfaces unless you remember to put down a heat-saving pad prior to placing anything hot on them. And, even if you remember to do this, will the rest of your family or visitors?

In order to minimise any potential damage to your marble surfaces and prevent them from becoming too porous, you have to maintain them. So, in addition to having to ensure the surfaces are regularly wiped clean, it is also vital to have marble worktops sealed on a reasonably regular basis. This process involves hiring a professional or embarking on some DIY sealing every six months to a year. It’s an essential chore with marble worktops since any stains in the marble can result in a build-up of bacteria – and that is certainly not something you want to think about on a surface where you regularly prepare food for the family.

Are you convinced of the benefits of using quartz overlay worktops rather than marble yet? If not, then read on to discover why quartz kitchen worktops may just be the ideal solution for your kitchen refresh or grand refurbishment. We will go on to cover the many benefits of quartz overlay worktops, such as their robust quality, beautiful range of designs and the fact they are so much more sustainable and planet-friendly than their marble counterparts.


Consider the many benefits of quartz overlays

Before we go on to list the ongoing benefits of quartz kitchen overlays once they are installed, let’s look at how we fit them. At Granite and TREND Transformations, all of our quarter-of-an-inch-thick worktop overlays fit perfectly on top of your existing surfaces. They are then securely bonded together, making the quartz overlay permanent.

This process means they take just a fraction of the time to fit. In fact, they can be placed over your original kitchen worktops in just one day, without any rubble or mess. We know they will align perfectly because every quartz kitchen worktop is bespoke, produced according to the measurements of your existing kitchen worktops.

Such is our confidence that you will continue to love your quartz worktops for years to come that every single one we produce comes with a decade-long warranty.

And now, here are those other excellent benefits of our etherium® By E-Stone surfaces:


Non-Porous material

Yes, you can have the look of marble but without the potentially damaging porous texture of this natural stone. That means no awful watermarks or red wine and citrus stains on your lovely worktops, which you just can’t get rid of. With quartz overlays, you can enjoy these ever-pristine and good-looking kitchen worktops for as long as you wish.


Shrugs off stains

Any stains you do spill on your new marble effect worktop can be easily wiped off using a cloth and detergent – even if you don’t notice the mess until hours afterwards. It’s all thanks to a special polymer resin called ForeverSeal® that sits on the worktop surface. It means your worktops will go on looking fabulous for longer, and you will never have to fret about spills and stains at a large kitchen get-together ever again.


Efficiently manages mould

Not only do our quartz kitchen worktops prevent stains and an ensuing bacteria build-up, but they provide double assurance by means of our proactive, built-in protection, Microban® technology. This exclusive formula offers round the clock antibacterial protection that is added during the worktop’s manufacturing process. Not only does it help keep your surfaces clean and safe from germs, but it also reduces the build-up of odours and extends the lifetime of the product.


No harm from heat

It doesn’t matter if you accidentally place a hot saucepan down on one of your quartz kitchen worktops. They can tolerate heat to very high temperatures, meaning there will be no ugly burn circle when you remove that hot pot.


Forget scratches

You don’t have to worry about your lovely quartz overlay worktops getting scratches, either. The impenetrable polymer resin on the surface ensures your worktops retain a smooth surface for years afterwards.


Can withstand knocks

Kitchens are workplaces where hot pans are often banged down in a hurry, vegetables are sliced through with large kitchen knives, and heavy kitchen appliances are sometimes knocked over. But if all this happens, that’s fine – you will still have no cracks, dents and ugly bashes on your tough yet beautiful quartz kitchen worktops.


A sustainable kitchen solution

It’s not only individual households that benefit from having marble-effect worktops instead of solid marble ones fitted. We all do. That’s because not having to drill for natural stone is a much more environmentally-friendly solution for everyone.

Resurfacing your worktops rather than replacing them means there is less waste as well – around 75 per cent less going to landfill, in fact. And, because our worktops are so light to transport, there is a lower carbon footprint.

Finally, the durability of quartz overlay worktops means you don’t even have to think about replacing your worktops until years down the line, and only when you fancy a change. All of these sustainability benefits are a key part of our company ethos.


Our quartz marble effect worktop overlay selection

Closely resembling the beauty and feel of Italian Carrara marble, our range of stunning quartz worktops are fabulous to look at and smooth to feel. From veined white and grey to ivory and cream, there is a colour shade and pattern to blend in beautifully with every style and colour of kitchen cabinetry – shaker, minimalist, glossy modern laminate and country style.

One of our more popular quartz overlay worktop selections is named after the city of Arabescato in Italy. These elegant quartz worktops show dusty grey veining against a soft white backdrop. The result is a traditionally classic feel for your kitchen.

Our Portland Silver selection is ideal for a contemporary, industrial-inspired look. With the appearance of stone, it is also available in a lighter shade to contrast with on-trend cabinet colours, such as dark blue and black.

Getting back to the classic Italian look, our Calacatta quartz tile is a tribute to the artist Michelangelo who loved to carve with rare Calacatta marble. These quartz worktops of the same name, with their unusual gold and grey veins, provide a stunning focal point for any kitchen.


Quartz marble effect has more advantages

Our Granite and TREND Transformations quartz worktops are easy to install and maintain. They are also hard-wearing, stain-proof and come with added Microban® technology antibacterial built-in protection. They are also much more eco-friendly than natural stone.

You can also choose quartz overlays for kitchen splashbacks and bathroom design. In terms of the latter, they are perfect for walk-in shower rooms, floors and bath surrounds.


Get in touch

To find out more about our quartz marble effect worktops, then call for a chat today, tel: 0808 231 3661, or schedule a call back at a time that’s most convenient for you. In the meantime, why not download a brochure or have one sent to you in the mail? You can also see for yourself how your choice of quartz overlay worktop will look in your home by using our 3D kitchen and bathroom design tool.

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