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Why destroy perfectly good kitchen cabinets?

November 2019

…….Simply replace the doors for a new look with Granite & TREND Transformations


Ready for a new kitchen in a day? If you don’t need to change the layout, why not simply change the doors and worktops with Granite & TREND Transformations? Why ditch the cabinets when they are fine? Granite & TREND Transformations’ website will tell you all you need to know about how to get the look without the hassle, time, cost and environmental impact of a complete refit.

With showrooms all over the UK, customers can touch and feel an impressive range of doors; there is a choice of over 200 solid wood and laminate doors in an array of colours to whet the appetite. The replacement doors and drawer fronts are manufactured to the highest quality standards and personalised handles and fittings are made to measure in the Granite & TREND Transformations workshops, before being expertly fitted onto existing wall or base units.

The website means that all the browsing work, before your visit, is easy; you can look at reviews, photos of before- and after-kitchens, colours and styles, along with a host of complementary worktops, appliances, tiles, sinks and brassware; a veritable feast of options.

Another part of the super service is the worktop replacement. Simply choose your new slim worktop from the website, visit or showroom, and it is then installed on top of your old one.

Granite & TREND Transformations has a commitment to the environment which is at the core of the business. From using sustainable materials, including recycled glass made of 72% post-consumer waste, to using recycled and/or reusable packaging, the dedication to implementing processes that protect and preserve the planet are at the heart of Granite & TREND Transformations. In essence, they mine it, make it, install it.

The nature of the business enables homeowners to keep existing kitchens and bathrooms and simply update the look without worrying about the environmental impact. The old units become upcycled instead of contributing to landfill waste – 10 million other household items end up in landfill each year.

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