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Granite & Quartz Overlay Worktops

Etherium® By E-Stone is our own unique material that makes our replacement worktops so special. Made from granite, quartz and recycled glass, it’s lightweight, tough and versatile making it the perfect choice for worktop overlays. Available in a wide range of colours and finishes, there’s something to suit every style, past, present and future.

By fitting over the top of your existing surface, not only does it save on unnecessary demolition but also saves a whole load of time. Most jobs can be completed in just one day.

How our Worktop Overlays Work

When we created ‘the top that fits on top’ over 25 years and a million makeovers ago, we couldn’t believe that no-one had already done it. And today, while others try to copy us, they still cannot match us for quality, performance or style.

The secret lies in our etherium® By E-Stone material which consists of tiny pieces of high-end agglomerate bonded together with polymer using our ForeverSeal® technology. We manufacture this in large sheets which we cut to order, prefabricating your worktops in our own factory. We then fit these over your existing work surface and bond them in place to create a permanent, tough finish that will give your kitchen a new lease of life.

Purpose Made

Creating the perfect worktop that makes your kitchen makeover really work is no accident. Each one is individually hand-made by our own expertly trained fabricators following a precise template, measured and produced in situ.

Every worktop is cut from large sheets of etherium® By E-Stone, our own unique material made from granite, quartz and recycled glass. A mere 6mm deep, it produces a surface that’s not only harder than stone but completely non-porous. It also has anti-microbial protection built-in for life and is covered by our 10-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Because all the messy work is done in advance, there’s less disruption in your home. We simply come and fit it in place usually completing the job in just one day without any major disruption or inconvenience.

Our Worktops Collection

Whatever your taste or what you have in mind, you’ll find something to ignite and excite you in our extensive range of finishes and doors. Worktops in natural granites and sparkling quartz or recycled glass. From deepest blacks and brilliant whites to an array of greys and blues to earthy tones and marble-style veining to the colour and look of concrete. Traditional or modern, subtle or striking, we’ve got something to suit every mood.

Plus of course, we have a full range of solid wood replacement doors and drawer fronts in every colour and style to coordinate or contrast, including some that can be painted to match your décor.

The combinations are endless and practically anything is possible. We’ll be happy to show you just how far your makeover could go.

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Next Steps

Find out more about our full range of overlay worktops at Granite Transformations Nottingham or request a brochure for more inspirational ideas.

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