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Our etherium by E-stone™ surfaces are the only ones in the world to have certain technical characteristics: light weight, slimline, flexible and exceptionally strong and durable. To achieve these distinctive product features, we use a very precise polymer recipe that has been evolving with time, as the technology advances. Our polymer is a state-of-the-art polyester resin system that is used for the composite hulls of yachts and workboats, where superior strength, water-resistance and durability are essential.

The resin itself is like a spider web, flexible but with a high tensile strength. Between each fillament, we need to fill the voids with different sizes of agglomerate, to enable a continuous surface. To create high impact strength we use fillers like fine quartz and, if we want more intense, textured surface designs, we use large grain sizes and additives like mirror fleck, mother of pearl and avventurina that also reflects light. For a more minimalist look we
use smaller size grains and subtle colour mixes.

The characteristics of each colour, in terms of aggregate composition, require a slightly different resin formulation. We fine-tune these formulations both before and during the manufacturing process. Before, by selecting different resins that have been tried and tested over the years, as base systems. During, by adding different catalysers and accelerators, to modify the polymerisation of the resin, and by adjusting the curing time cycle. Temperature and humidification also play a role in changing activation rates and we control their effect by changing the flow of air inside the kiln, rather like a wind tunnel.


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