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Recycled Glass Worktop Overlays

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Recycled glass worktop overlays are a beautiful and refined addition to any kitchen or bathroom.

Recycled glass makes for some of our most eye-catching and striking surfaces, meaning they are perfect for anyone who wants kitchen or bathroom surfaces that really stand out from the crowd. Thanks to the variety of glass available, they also come in a huge choice of colours which can be used to embrace all manner of styles and give your home an unmistakably modern finish.

Not only are they among the hottest and most fashionable trends for the home, they are eco-friendly too! Made from up to 72% recycled glass, they represent the very best in eco-chic and add a whole new level of exquisite ambiance to any room.

Combining durability, sustainability and artisanal flair, our recycled glass overlay worktops are a classic example of affordable luxury that never compromises on style and beauty.

  • The Smarter way to renovate your home
  • Installed in as little as one day
  • Hard-wearing and durable
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How do Recycled Glass Worktop Overlays Work?

Take the stress and hassle out of transforming your home with Granite & TREND Transformations unique Top that Fits on Top, a range of stunning overlays which simply fit directly over your existing surfaces without the need to remove the old ones.

Each recycled glass worktop overlay is created entirely bespoke to exactly match your space and shipped to your home ready to install, meaning you don’t have to worry about all the extra disruption which usually comes with home renovation – most installations are complete in as little as one day!

As we’re not removing your old worktops, there’s no unnecessary waste going to landfill, making our recycled glass overlays one of the most environmentally-friendly options on the market. All of our overlay worktops not only look and feel great, they’re long-lasting and durable, too.

With our overlay worktops, you can rediscover all the joys of transforming your kitchen and bathroom with an extraordinary makeover, and all without the headache of starting from scratch.

Why Choose a Recycled Glass Worktop?

Recycled glass worktop overlays feature many of the same aesthetic qualities as quartz worktops, and are made in a very similar way. However, instead of quarried rock, they use glass shards from a variety of sources, meaning they can be made in an almost infinite array of colourful mosaics to suit any home.

Far from looking artificial, these surfaces have their own special beauty that easily rivals that of solid stone. They combine much of the lustre and sparkling sheen of quartz and marble but also have their own distinctively contemporary look, making them one of the most sought after surfaces in both modern and traditional kitchens.

When we think of glass, we think of something delicate and fragile, but our unique manufacturing techniques mean our recycled glass overlay  worktops are just as tough and durable as any of our engineered surfaces. Like all of our overlay worktops, they are non-porous, impact-, scratch- and heat-, and stain-resistant.

Sample our Recycled Glass Worktops Range

Black Dream

If you want to make a bold statement in your kitchen or bathroom, black worktops are a perfect solution. Its clear glass with black pigment is not only sophisticated and striking, it is very versatile for any existing décor. Composed of clear recycled glass Black Dream is a beautiful addition to any household. Sealed with

Black Star

Quartz and recycled glass are the main components of Black Star engineered stone. The variety of fine black and dark grains, enriched with mirror particles, give a refined and contemporary look to your kitchen or bathroom. Ask our design consultants about matching Black Star with some of our world-famous mosaics.

Cindering Snow

Limited Edition  Featuring a snow-white background speckled with small flecks of greige, and tiny pieces of black onyx grain, Cindering Snow creates a neutral canvas for endless design potential.

Dark Blue

Aventurine is a form of quartz, identified by its translucency and the presence of mineral inclusions that give a glistening effect known as “aventurescence.” We combined it with black and blue recycled glass and quartz to create our Dark Blue engineered stone.

White Star

Quartz is one of the hardest minerals on earth, it’s also very attractive and low maintenance. All these qualities make it a durable and appealing choice for kitchen and bathroom makeovers. Quartz and recycled glass are the main components of White Star, one of our engineered stones created by combining quartz with mirrors. Together, these

Polar Ice

Composed of Recycled Glass and Quartz, Polar Ice has a cool neutrality that sets off brighter colour statements to perfection. The finest grains with white and light grey tones allow you to go bold, or keep to a quieter, calmer theme throughout.

Dove Tail

Composed of quartz and recycled glass, Dove Tail contains a variety of medium grains with grey tones that provide a refined and traditional look to one’s kitchen or bathroom makeover project. Made from 72% post-consumer recycled glass the result is the look and feel of quartz, enhanced by reflections and refractions from the translucent glass

Chiaro Ambra

Composed of quartz and recycled glass, Chiaro Ambra is an eco-friendly engineered stone. The beige background, enriched with dark and light brown grains, is a great choice if you’re aiming for a classic look.

Blue Dream

Composed of recycled glass our Blue Dream is the perfect eco-friendly choice for your next remodeling project.  Thanks to our proprietary ForeverSeal® protection you can rest easy knowing it’s non-porous, stain, scratch and heat resistant.

Royal Ivory

Royal Ivory is a beautiful and eco-friendly engineered stone made from quartz, porcelain and recycled glass. Its light grey and beige grains give a refined look to makeover projects, which complements bolder colours and accents. Ask our design consultants about matching Royal Ivory with some of our world-famous mosaics.


The sophisticated White worktop is made with up to 72% recycled glass, enriched with white and transparent grains of quartz and glass. It has a dynamic, metropolitan look that is simple, fresh and can go with just about anything, while adding that extra touch of glamour to every kitchen or bathroom.

Night Blue

This beautiful blue blend of recycled glass and quartz will make Night Blue your “go to” choice when seeking a pattern that evokes serenity and calm. Its brilliant glass reflections are reminiscent of twinkling stars in a clear, night sky. Night Blue contains up to 72% post-consumer recycled glass made from used lager, wine and

Forever beautiful with ForeverSeal™

All our worktops come with our exclusive Foreverseal™ guarantee, ensuring that they are non-porous and incredibly resilient against stains. Our worktops not only look beautiful but also require minimal maintenance, as they never need to be resealed. We take great care and expertise in strengthening and sealing them with Foreverseal™.


Say goodbye to ugly watermarks with kitchen and bathroom worktops that can stand the test of time.

Heat Resistant

No more burns from those hot pots and pans! Our worktops can handle the heat of the kitchen more than any other.

Stain Resistant

No more unsightly stains from spills! Simply wipe away as part of your normal cleaning, and enjoy fresh looking surfaces for longer.

Impact Resistant

So that even the busiest of kitchens and bathrooms will look great for years to come. No cracks, no dents – just great looking worktops!

Scratch Resistant

All of our worktops are made from a tough, polymer resin which keeps those little nicks and scratches from every day use at bay.

About our Recycled Glass Worktop Overlays

All of our recycled glass worktops are designed with sustainability in mind, but our glass worktop overlays represent the pinnacle of environmentally-friendly kitchen and bathroom design as they are made almost exclusive from recycled materials. Taken largely from kerbside collections of lager, wine and mineral water bottles, we are able to process the shards together with a polymer mix to create stunning combinations of patterns and colours.

With our recycled glass worktop overlays, there’s no need to compromise on luxury and beauty in order to create the eco-friendly kitchen or bathroom you’ve always dreamed of!

Every one of our recycled glass worktop overlays is unique, but each is made to the same exacting standards of quality. Much thinner, and more lightweight, than traditional stone worktops, they are just as tough, if not more so, thanks to our cutting-edge manufacturing techniques.

We’re so confident of how well they can stand up to the rigours of every-day life, that all of our worktops come with a 10-year warranty.