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The top that fits on top

At just a quarter of an inch thick, our kitchen and bathroom surfaces are super-light and slim. Yet they’re tougher than stone, more flexible than wood and come with our manufacturer’s 10-year warranty.

The ‘top that fits on top’ is unique. Unlike any other hard surface finish, our materials are made bespoke to your requirements. We create traditionalclassic and contemporary kitchens that are made from granite, quartz, recycled glass or porcelain. So whatever your style, we can design your dream kitchen with little mess and at a great price.

Our surfaces are fitted directly onto existing kitchen and bathroom worktops, tiles and flooring, and bonded permanently to the original.

Customisable Made to Measure

If your dream kitchen includes some thicker dimensions, we can give our famously slender worksurfaces a ‘chunkier’ look, as our surfaces are custom designed specifically to your home.

We can also adapt our worktops into up-to-the-minute waterfall ends by seamlessly lengthening the edge piece down the end of base units to the floor. View more of our kitchen features or bathroom features for inspiration in our gallery.

There’s no need for added reinforcement, none of the usual upheaval and no builder’s waste to deal with. All you’re left with are gleaming, diamond-polished surfaces that look and feel perfectly at home.

View our extensive range of granite worktops and begin your make over journey today or if you would like to discuss how we can help makeover your kitchen, arrange a home visit today.