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Replacement Kitchen Doors

Want a new kitchen without the mess or fuss of a full kitchen refit? Replacing your kitchen cupboard doors, drawers and handles is one of the easiest, most effective, ways to update your kitchen. Take a look at our huge selection of kitchen door styles and colours that will transform your kitchen without all the hassle and disruption of removing your old kitchen units. Not to mention, by keeping your original units, there is much less waste and therefore better for the environment.

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Available in a wide range of colours

Many of our doors come in up to 24 different colours so you can have a kitchen as unique as you. Choose from our wide variety of wood, concrete or vinyl options.

Sample our range of replacement doors

The Bella Range

The beauty of Bella is that it’s whatever you want it to be. The ultimate in personalisation, it can live in contemporary, classic or traditional kitchens. You can match any colour with any style and set your imagination free.

  • 6 Year Guarantee
  • UK Manufactured
  • Paintable Finish
  • Any Style, Any Colour

The Valore Range

A great value range that doesn’t compromise on quality, design or finish. Choose from 16 slab doors that will keep kitchens and bedrooms right on trend.

  • 6 Year Guarantee
  • Made to Measure
  • UK Manufactured

The Zurfiz Range

Zurfiz offers a stunning made to measure collection of ultra modern doors available in 28 colour options. Choose from a mix of ultragloss solid colours, stone and metal effects, woodgrains and metallics along with supermatts and all rounded off by a brushed metal.

  • 6 Year Guarantee
  • Made to Measure
  • UK Manufactured
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Have you heard about our Replacement Kitchen Door Service?

Create a Kitchen that's Uniquely You

With the Bella Range

The beauty of Bella is that it’s whatever you want it to be. The ultimate in personalisation, it can live in contemporary, classic or traditional kitchens. You can match any colour with any style and set your imagination free.

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Our design consultants can come to your home and take you through our wide range of available options. All absolutely free of charge.

Modern Styles

Take a bold approach with modern, sleek kitchen designs that are practical, attractive and versatile.

> Contemporary Kitchen Style

Traditional Styles

Combine a traditional look with functionality for a new kitchen guaranteed to make an impression.

> Traditional Kitchen Style

There was a great range doors and worktops to choose from and our kitchen has now been completely transformed. This, however, would amount to little without the brilliant service provided by the company in respect of both sales and installation, all of which were carried out to our complete satisfaction.

Complement your Replacement Doors with our Worktops

Why choose replacement kitchen doors?

As time goes by, you might find your cabinets are starting to look tatty and worn, or maybe they just don’t suit your style anymore. It is all too easy to overlook just how much of an effect they have on the overall look of your space – until you change them, that is!

You’d be amazed at how much of an impact even small changes like this can have. Replacement kitchen doors are an easy, cost-effective, and hassle-free way of giving your kitchen a new lease of life without the mess and stress that comes with complete refits.

Make over, don’t start over!

Removing your old cupboards can be a bit of nightmare and could well be completely unnecessary! If you are happy with your current layout, and the units themselves are still perfectly sound, you can give them a remarkable spruce up just by treating them to some new doors.

Just like all our other surfaces, our replacement kitchen doors are designed to be installed directly onto your existing units. This not only means a lot less stress, mess, and strain on your budget, but might even be the opportunity you need to add that perfect finishing touch to a new look.

Choosing a style and finish

Once you’ve chosen your colour scheme, you then have a wide range of options in terms of matt and gloss finishes, including woodgrain, stone or metal, and solid wood. All of our materials have a natural look and feel, but with all the same consistent quality and durability you can expect from any Granite & TREND Transformations surface.

All our replacement cabinet doors are designed to help you create the perfect match for any style of kitchen. Whether you are looking to create a look that is more contemporary, classic, traditional or anything in between, we’re bound to have what you need here at Granite & TREND Transformations.

What difference do replacement kitchen doors make?

More and more people are choosing replacement kitchen doors as their next design move, not just because they are a simple and effective way to give your kitchen a fresh, new look, but also because they can actually transform the entire aesthetic of a space without altering the layout.

So, if your current layout is working just fine, but something still doesn’t seem quite right, it could be that replacement cabinet doors are the missing piece of the puzzle you’ve been looking for. Browse our extensive range and you are sure to find replacement kitchen doors in a colour and style that perfectly complements your existing space, or even transforms it completely!

Cheaper, easier, greener!

Replacement kitchen cabinet doors can really lift the room without the expense of a complete refurb. They are easier and quicker to install, and you’re not putting yourself through all the disruption of a complete refit when you don’t have. You’re not only saving time and money, but also greatly reducing the amount of unnecessary waste going to landfill.

Not only that, but our replacement kitchen doors as just as long-lasting and durable as all of our materials and surfaces, meaning it will be much longer before you ever need to consider a makeover again.

Get creative with replacement kitchen doors!

Replacement cabinet doors are not only a practical and efficient choice, but they could also be a chance for you to get creative and use them as the starting point for a new and more dynamic look!

Go for a more modern, light, and airy feel with some whites or pastels to emphasis the clean lines of your worktops and surfaces. Or tie in the more classical or rustic design elements of your space with some wood finish replacement kitchen doors.

Many customers are now opting for bolder brighter colours, too, and reds and oranges are also a fantastic choice when it comes to your replacement cabinet doors. After all, it’s all about creating a space which is perfect for you.

Hassle-free and easy to install.

Everything we do here at Granite & TREND Transformations is designed to make transforming the most important room in your house a joy, and never a chore. All our replacement kitchen doors are made to measure in our workshops and delivered to your home ready to be immediately installed, meaning you can enjoy your incredible new look in as little as one day – sometimes even less!

From bespoke design consultation through to installation of your replacement kitchen cabinet doors, you can enjoy a seamless and stress-free service. Simply choose the look you want; we’ll come and measure up and take care of all the rest!

How to choose the right replacement kitchen doors

We appreciate choosing the right kitchen renovation options is a decision you want to take your time on, even when it comes to something as simple as replacement cabinet doors. There is a lot to think about, and hundreds of possible combinations to choose from.

If you’re having trouble deciding exactly what kind of replacement kitchen doors you need, there are lots of ways we can help. For example, why not pop down to one of our showrooms and see some examples for yourself? Alternatively, why not try our new 3D Kitchen Design tool and start playing around with some options?

Replacement kitchen doors could be just the beginning

Don’t forget that the perfect kitchen should not only be beautiful, but practical, too. So, now that your replacement cabinet doors are just the way you want them, it might be time to make sure the cupboards themselves are pulling their weight in a functional sense as well.

Make sure the insides work as well as the outsides look with our selection of clever storage solutions designed to help you make the most of your space. Better storage can not only help you reduce clutter elsewhere, but also give you the extra space you need to enjoy your kitchen all the more.

Don’t forget the handles!

Just like replacement cabinet doors themselves, handles are all too easily overlooked but can make a surprising difference to the feel of your kitchen. They may seem like just a small part of the overall style, but old, worn-out, or out-dated cupboard handles can make even the brightest kitchen look tired around the edges.

Factor in our wide selection of new handles when you consider your replacement kitchen doors and you’ll find they can be a subtle, but noticeable, way of adding a certain sleek sophistication to your space.

Frequently Asked Questions about Replacement Cabinet Doors

Yes. As long as your cupboards themselves are in good condition, you can enjoy replacement kitchen cupboard doors in a whole variety of colours and finishes. Just like all our other surfaces, replacement kitchen cabinet doors are a great way to give your kitchen a makeover without all the mess and hassle of starting over.

Absolutely! In fact, replacement kitchen cabinet doors are one of our most popular kitchen renovation options. Not only is it a quick, easy and affordable way to give your kitchen a fresh look, but they can also become the basis of a whole new style and design. You can choose to match your replacement kitchen doors with your existing worktops and other surfaces, or go for a whole new colour and finish to create an exciting new aesthetic.

It’s a very simple process where we come into your property to measure your existing doors, and then create new ones to your exact specifications. Once they are complete, we will bring your new replacement kitchen doors directly to your home, remove the old ones, and install the new ones in their place.

Yes, of course, and many of our customers choose exactly that. If you’re already happy with everything else in your kitchen, there is absolutely no need to change it when something as simple as replacement kitchen doors can make all the difference. We’re more than happy to help you with any job that makes the heart of your home a more beautiful place – no matter how big or small.

Very easy! The first is to choose a style, colour and finish for your replacement kitchen doors which will create the new look you are going for. After that, one of our technicians can come to your home to measure your existing kitchen cabinets doors, which we will then make to order in our workshop. Usually, your order will arrive ready for installation within 12 days and our team can set a time to come and remove your old doors, and install the replacement cabinet doors of your choice. As your new doors are made specifically to fit your space, the installation is very quick.

The best place to start is right here on our website! We have a fantastic range of replacement kitchen cabinet doors to suit any style or design, and there is a huge selection of colours and finishes to choose from. You can even select new handles to go with them. The only real challenge might be narrowing down our selection to your final choice, but fortunately we can help with that, too! You can see a selection of replacement kitchen doors at a showroom near you, arrange for a consultation with one of our team, or even use our 3D Kitchen Design Tool to start visualising the perfect replacement kitchen doors for you.

This is all part of our installation process for all replacement kitchen cabinet doors. We want your new doors to be a perfect fit, so we will remove your old hinges along with your existing doors when our expert team comes to your house to install the new ones.

Usually, yes. If your kitchen cabinets themselves are still in good condition, there’s no need to lumber yourself with the extra cost and disruption of removing and replacing the whole unit when replacement kitchen doors can make them look brand new. You’ll be amazed at what a huge difference this small change can make to your space.

That entirely depends on the number of replacement kitchen doors you need, as well as exactly which ones you choose from our extensive range. Just as every kitchen is different, so is every kitchen renovation project. However, replacing your kitchen doors is a very affordable and cost effective way to create an exciting new look. During our consultation process, we will be able to create a no obligation cost estimate and can offer you a variety of options to suit your budget.

One of our technicians will come to your home and take all the measurements. This will include not only the doors themselves, but also all of your panels, cornice and pelmets so that we can create the perfect fit of replacement kitchen doors for your home.