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Considerations when planning your kitchen

Whether you have a tiny, galley kitchen or a great sweeping space that even top chefs would be jealous of, keeping your surfaces clear from clutter is always a challenge – as is finding the exact utensil or ingredient you need, when you need it!

You want to keep your kitchen well stocked and ready for everything life throws at it and, of course, you will want to make sure you can fully appreciate all the work you’ve put into making it look great – especially if you have already transformed how it looks with some of our stunning worktops or replacement cupboard doors!

You’ll be amazed at just how big a difference the right kind of storage can make to your kitchen. Our innovative solutions are designed to fit your requirements exactly, and to add maximum storage without taking away the aesthetics of your space – or even changing its layout.

Discover just how much is possible with even the smallest of spaces and unlock your kitchen’s true potential.

Simple Solutions, Fantastic Results

At Granite and TREND Transformations we think of everything, not just what is on the outside of your kitchen units, but also the practical implications of just how the units can work for you. Every one of our unique solutions can be individually tailored to your personal buying and cooking habits. We’ve even worked on mobile homes, caravans, and river boats and helped their owners exceed the limits of what they thought was possible.

For example, full extending drawers in cupboards or tall larder units can be made more efficient, and provide easy access and ample storage, by utilising sliding panels and carousels. Each individual drawer can be adapted to effortlessly slide open to allow full access from all three sides, even in the tightest of corner units. Perfect for putting otherwise wasted space to good use, as well as giving you easy access to what you need, whenever you need it.