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The heart of the home, your kitchen should reflect your personality whilst also remaining practical and fit for purpose. From creating a brand new look to simply updating your cabinetry, there are so many ways to transform the original design.

We’ve put together this style guide to help you find your perfect look, sharing our favourite pairings and suggestions to inspire your kitchen makeover.

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From clean cream kitchens and monochrome hues to playful pops of pastel colours, our style guide is here to help you make those allimportant design choices.

In addition to worktops, we also offer a door replacement service to allow you to create a completely new kitchen but without the mess or hassle of a refit. With an array of door styles and colours to choose from it’s easier than ever to elevate your kitchen and achieve a brand new look. Not to mention by keeping your original units there is less waste and therefore better for the environment.