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Timeless Beauty for a Better Tomorrow

Go Green with Granite & TREND Transformations

Making sustainable and efficient choices in how we help you create your dream home not only makes practical sense, it helps us achieve our core mission – to enhance the worlds surfaces with natural, timeless and sustainable beauty, one kitchen and bathroom at a time.

Having an eco-friendly kitchen or bathroom does not mean compromising on quality and style – and our incredible products prove it. We work in partnership with many of the world’s foremost environmental organisations, architects, and designers to promote sustainability – not because it’s the fashionable thing to do, but because it’s the right thing to do – for us, for you, and for all our futures.

We don’t do it to change people’s minds about recycling, but because it makes sense. Our commitment to sustainability reaches into the heart of every single part of what we do here at Granite & TREND Transformations. From process to product, to installation and beyond.

All so that we can bring you kitchens and bathrooms that not only look good, but make you feel good too.

  • 72% Recycled Materials
  • 75% Less Landfill Waste
  • 20% Fewer Polluting Emissions
Our Eco-Friendly Instant Makeovers Why Choose Us?

Our worktops use up to 72% post consumer recycled class

The Eco Process

We never stop improving our manufacturing facilities and are constantly striving to find sources for our materials that have the absolute minimum possible impact on the environment. Our innovative manufacturing processes not only transforms kitchens and bathrooms into spaces of beauty and elegance, they are eco-friendly too.

At our advanced production facilities, we:

  • Recycle the 70% wasted in traditional quarry mining as key granite and quartz ingredients in our etherium® By E-stone surfaces, meaning between 30-70% less waste at source
  • Use 7.5 million tons of recycled glass each year, enough to cut our carbon emissions 2.5 million pounds
  • Produce 22% less waste material and 20% fewer polluting emissions than standard processes
  • Use 3 – 5 times less water, energy, and raw materials than any other rival company

Refacing rather than replacing

Our worktop and door replacement service means 75% less waste going to landfill from every installation we do.

> Our Replacement Doors

Our Eco Products

Our luxurious etherium® By E-Stone surfaces, together with the whole concept of refacing rather than replacing kitchen and bathroom fittings, represent the very essence of ‘green’ thinking and are made from up to 72% recycled materials. Due to our cutting-edge manufacturing techniques, they are also much lighter and thinner than solid pieces of granite, marble or quartz, which means they are easier to transport and have a greatly reduced carbon footprint.

Even our range of luxurious glass mosaics can add both beauty and eco-chic to your home. In this case, we don’t just recycle – we up-cycle! For example, our signature blue glass is made from SKYY® Vodka bottles and transformed into incredible mosaic tiles and glass worktops. Minimising the use of raw and natural materials has also played a major part in helping us keep our recycled glass worktops to an unrivalled ¼” thickness.

Engineered to be stain-, scratch-, heat-, and impact-resistant, our kitchen and bathroom worktops and flooring are also incredibly hard-wearing and durable.

Eco Installations

One of big things that makes Granite & TREND unique is our ability to help you makeover rather than start over when it comes to getting that new look kitchen or bathroom you have always dreamed of. Our unique installation method allows us to re-utilise existing structures and re-surface existing spaces. Our Top that fits on Top is designed to be installed directly on top of your existing kitchen and bathroom worktops, meaning there no form of demolition is necessary as we can apply our innovative slabs over any existing worktops, saving on sending construction debris to landfill.

This not only transforms your existing space with the minimum of fuss and stress, but it also greatly reduces the environmental impact of renovating your kitchen or bathroom. Refacing instead of replacing means 75% less waste going to landfill from every installation we do – more than 22 million pounds every year!

Think sustainability means compromising on beauty and luxury? Think again!

Greenguard Certification

Once installed in your home, you will wish to be certain that our work surfaces and mosaic tiles do not give off harmful emissions. After all, we spend up to 90% of our time indoors, so the quality of air we breathe is important. So be reassured that our materials are Greenguard and Greenguard Children & Schools certificated, ensuring they emit no dangerous VOCs (volatile organic compounds) and guarantee the quality of your indoor air.

We were the first company to combine recycled beer, wine and mineral water bottles with polymer technology.

Cheers to recycling!