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Where Art and Engineering Meet

Granite & TREND Transformations worksurfaces are made by combining the finest quality Italian granite or quartz, or eco-friendly recycled glass, with our state-of-the-art ForeverSeal® polymer technology, to produce a tough, hardwearing material.

Our etherium® By E-Stone surfaces are among the most advanced engineered surfaces available anywhere in the world, combining the very latest manufacturing techniques with an eye for beauty that easily rivals natural stone.

All of our etherium® By E-Stone surfaces, from kitchen and bathroom worktops, through to flooring, upstands and splashbacks are lightweight and flexible. They offer all the aesthetics and appeal of natural surfaces like granite and marble, but with the added strength and supreme practicality of a man-made composite.

Our Materials

Our etherium® By E-Stone surfaces are truly exceptional in terms of their technical characteristics. They are not only lightweight and slimline but also flexible, incredibly strong, and exceptionally durable. These remarkable features are achieved through a precise polymer recipe that has evolved over time as technology advances. Our polymer is a state-of-the-art polyester resin system used for the composite hulls of yachts and workboats, providing unmatched strength, water resistance, and durability.

Worktops engineered to last a lifetime

Heat Resistant

No more burns from those hot pots and pans! Our worktops can handle the heat of the kitchen more than any other.

Stain Resistant

No more unsightly stains from spills! Simply wipe away as part of your normal cleaning, and enjoy fresh looking surfaces for longer.

Impact Resistant

So that even the busiest of kitchens and bathrooms will look great for years to come. No cracks, no dents – just great looking worktops!

Scratch Resistant

All of our worktops are made from a tough, polymer resin which keeps those little nicks and scratches from every day use at bay.

Mould Resistant

Built-in anti-microbial protection helps keep the mould that causes damage and bad odours at bay.


Say goodbye to ugly watermarks with kitchen and bathroom worktops that can stand the test of time.

Guaranteed for 10 Years

Every one of our high-performance surfaces is made to strict quality standards and designed to deliver complete satisfaction year after year. Our 10-year warranty guarantees full coverage and peace of mind if our worktops fail to meet its promise.

Forever Beautiful with Foreverseal®

This unique blend comes not only from the exquisite materials and designs we use, but also how we bring all these elements together during our manufacturing process. By using our very own Foreverseal® polymer resin, a special recipe based on the same system that is used for the composite hulls of yachts and workboats, we are able to create stunning looking surfaces that boast superior strength, water-resistance and durability.

The resin acts like a fine web into which we can add a variety of materials. Our painstaking production process allows the build-up of subtle layers of colour, pattern and textures that reflect the light beautifully and create a unique look. We also introduce different fragments like mirror glass and mother of pearl, as well as colour-tinted resins, for even more luxurious effects.

As a result, our surfaces are thinner, lighter, stronger and more flexible than anything else available, making them ideal for long-lasting kitchen and bathroom makeovers.

All our worktops come with our exclusive Foreverseal® guarantee, ensuring that they are non-porous and incredibly resilient against stains. Our worktops not only look beautiful but also require minimal maintenance, as they never need to be resealed. We take great care and expertise in strengthening and sealing them with Foreverseal®.

The Making of Our Exclusive Worktops

Our agglomerate slab technology was born in 1976. Thanks to our unique formulations and processing technology, we belong to an elite group of manufacturers whose products are virtually impossible to copy. Take a look inside our factory in Sebring, Florida, to see how we’re continuing to develop innovative new ways of applying our unique technology to improve and refining our standalone product.


Post-consumer recycled glass used in our worktops.

7.5 Million

Tonnes of recycled glass used each year, avoiding landfill.


Less waste material produced than standard processes.


Less water, energy and raw materials used than any rival company.

Sustainable Materials for a Better Tomorrow

Our innovative manufacturing processes not only makeover kitchens and bathrooms into spaces of beauty and elegance, but they are also eco-friendly too! Our technology allows us to manufacture a uniquely sustainable product that is mostly made from crushed quartz and produced by a proprietary process known as vacuum vibro-compaction. Our E-Stone plant has taken the technology to an entirely new level, using granite, quartz and post-consumer recycled materials, glass and porcelain. This means our manufacturing process have far less impact on the environment than traditional methods.