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Our Warranty

We pride ourselves on providing affordable luxury surfaces for all kinds of finishes around your home – from beautiful kitchen worktops and stunning splashbacks to stylish shower surrounds and bath panels. Our products also add wonder to walls, take flooring to a new level and give shelving a subtle twist. We use only the highest quality, natural materials and our own trained fitters to ensure first-class workmanship and total satisfaction every time. Every job is made to order and built to last. Take a look at our latest Trustpilot reviews. Designed to last, etherium® By E-Stone surfaces come with a 10 year warranty to give you extra protection and peace of mind.

Worktops engineered to last a lifetime

Heat Resistant

No more burns from those hot pots and pans! Our worktops can handle the heat of the kitchen more than any other.

Stain Resistant

No more unsightly stains from spills! Simply wipe away as part of your normal cleaning, and enjoy fresh looking surfaces for longer.

Impact Resistant

So that even the busiest of kitchens and bathrooms will look great for years to come. No cracks, no dents – just great looking worktops!

Scratch Resistant

All of our worktops are made from a tough, polymer resin which keeps those little nicks and scratches from every day use at bay.

Mould Resistant

Built-in anti-microbial protection helps keep the mould that causes damage and bad odours at bay.


Say goodbye to ugly watermarks with kitchen and bathroom worktops that can stand the test of time.

10 Year Worktop Warranty

etherium® By E-Stone luxury surfaces combine the natural beauty of materials like quartz and granite, porcelain and recycled glass with a small amount of polymer to create a superior, highly polished and durable finish that is nonporous and designed to withstand the rigours of modern living.

If our product should fail due to a manufacturing fault or defect occurring during the 10-year warranty, we promise to repair or replace it completely free of charge, providing all necessary care has been taken.

6 Year Cabinet Doors Guarantee

Your replacement kitchen doors are made from the finest materials and are designed to give years of satisfaction thanks to their 6 year guarantee. If your doors fail due to a manufacturing fault, then they’ll be replaced at no cost to you! Download the full terms & conditions of our door guarantee.

Caring for your new home

For general cleaning just add water! etherium® By E-Stone surfaces are easy to clean and maintain. A simple wipe over every day will help to remove any residue and keep bacteria at bay, while a thorough clean once a week will ensure they keep on looking their best. We recommend using the e-cloth system, which eliminates the need for harsh cleaning agents, detergents and chemicals, producing brilliant results with nothing more than water.

Schedule your installation with your local showroom

After you’ve arranged your free home visit and set a date for your makeover then all that’s left is for you to sit back and let our team of expert installers get to work!

Activate your warranty within 14 days of installation

You’ll receive our care & warranty booklet with instructions for caring for your new worktops & doors. Make sure to come back to this page to activate your warranty within 14 days of installation.

We’ll replace or repair any defects free of charge

If you have an issue with your new makeover, get back in touch with your local showroom. We’ll repair or replace any defects that are covered under our warranty.

What kind of warranty will I get with my worktops?

Our 10 year limited material warranty covers our etherium® By E-Stone, granite, recycled glass & porcelain surfaces including the Trascenda™ collection for indoor use only.

The warranty does not cover damage caused by misuse or lack of care. Additional terms & conditions may apply, read our full Care & Warranty booklet for full details.

Last updated: 17th June, 2024
Do you offer warranties for doors & handles?

We offer a 6 year guarantee on doors and handles provided from the manufacturer, byBA. This covers the replacement of components except in cases of fair wear & tear, misuse or improper care, modifications outside the original specification, and water/heat damage. Additional terms & conditions may apply, for more information on our doors guarantee get in touch with your nearest showroom who can advise.

Last updated: 14th June, 2024
How should I care for my worktops?

etherium® By E-Stone surfaces are resistant to staining from most common household foods and liquids; however, light-coloured finishes are more at risk from substances like tea, coffee and red wine and need a little extra care.

Sustained contact with certain chemicals, such as solvents, acetone, acid or alkaline products can also cause damage. Lemon juice should also be avoided. To avoid any possibility of marking, ensure all spills are wiped clean at the earliest opportunity.

For really stubborn stains that won’t shift with normal cleaning, use an ordinary cloth and diluted liquid bleach, making sure you rinse the surface thoroughly with clean water afterwards.

For accidental spills of harsh chemicals (such as paint stripper, oven cleaner or nail varnish remover) rinse the surface liberally with soapy water and wash off thoroughly. Never use limescale removers, lemon detergents or calcium carbonate cleaners on these products as they will dissolve the shells.

Last updated: 14th June, 2024
How will my worktops handle hard knocks?

etherium® By E-Stone surfaces are built to take the rough with the smooth. The diamond polished finish may look and feel as smooth as glass, but it’s tough enough to resist everyday impacts from heavy pans and cast iron cookware. In fact, they’re tested to withstand the impact of a bowling ball from a height of 3ft without damage, so should be able to cope with even the most heavy-handed cook! Even so, edges are naturally vulnerable to sharp impacts and can chip if struck hard. Please take extra care when handling or storing heavy cookware.

Last updated: 14th June, 2024
Can I put hot pans directly on my worktops?

etherium® By E-Stone surfaces are not only tough, they’re highly resistant to heat, making them an ideal choice for busy kitchen work surfaces. However, the same simple common sense rules you would normally use apply when it comes to handling hot pots and pans.

Always avoid placing cookware straight from the oven or hob directly onto the surface.

Allow pans to cool first, or use trivets or heat protection pads to avoid burning or scorching the surface. Special care should also be taken with ovenproof glass and cast-iron cookware, which retains its heat longer than normal pans. Similarly, surfaces should not be exposed to naked flames and hot fat and oil spills should be removed immediately.

Extra care should also be taken when using induction and ceramic hobs, both of which generate extremely high temperatures in the base of the utensil that dramatically exceed normal heat resistance levels and could cause serious scorching or irreparable damage.

Last updated: 14th June, 2024
How should I care for my timber grain replacement doors?

Each door has characteristic variations in grain and colour and should be cared for in the same way as any piece of fine furniture. In most cases, they should simply be cleaned with a slightly damp cloth to help preserve the beauty of the wood. A good quality wax furniture polish can also be applied on occasion to enhance their natural beauty.

Persistent marks can be removed by first using a very mild solution of water and non-abrasive household detergent or applying sugar soap, which is particularly good for removing grease. Once the mark has been removed, the area should then be wiped over with a soft, damp cloth to remove any excess, then finally dried with a soft, clean cloth.

Do not allow excess water to remain on door surfaces for any length of time. Never use abrasive or solvent cleaners as these could cause lasting damage to the surface.

Last updated: 14th June, 2024
How should I care for my vinyl-wrap and hi-gloss doors?

Occasional marks can be removed with a soft, damp cloth, warm water and a very mild detergent. Moisture will not harm the surface of these doors, but to protect them fully, always wipe away any spillage immediately. Do not allow water runs to remain unattended on the surface. To clean stubborn marks on door surfaces, use a damp, not wet, soft, clean cloth and warm soapy water, then dry off immediately with a soft dry cloth. Never use harsh scouring powders or solvents, as they will damage the surface.

Last updated: 14th June, 2024

Activate your Warranty

Warranty Registration UK

Please ensure you activate your warranty within 14 days from your installation date, failure to do so will make any claim null and void. To register, simply fill in the form and a warranty number will be provided to you. Your warranty will then be activated and you will then receive a confirmation email. How easy is that! If you didn’t receive your booklet after installation, please contact the showroom that carried out the work. This warranty applies only to Granite and TREND Transformations worktop products, for which contract price VAT or other tax (if any due) is paid in full. Please note: This Warranty is for Granite & TREND Transformations worktops only.  For details of Door, Sink, Tap, or Appliance Warranty please contact your retailer or the relevant manufacturer. Your warranty is only valid when you can provide your warranty certificate along with proof of final payment for your installation.