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If you’re still longing for that dream kitchen you always promised yourself, the good news is that you don’t have to put it off any longer. At Granite Transformations Holt, we can help you renovate your kitchen for a lot less than you might think. Our unique granite and quartz overlay worktops not only make makeovers quick and simple, they make them irresistible.

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Holt Showroom

Holt Showroom

At Granite Transformations Holt, we’ve turned kitchen and bathroom renovations into a fine art. Our unique process and materials give you a luxury finish without all the usual hassle and expense. Instead of ripping out your old units and replacing them (a messy and expensive business) we simply fit our solid granite and quartz overlays on top of your existing work surfaces. It's a process we’ve been doing for over 20 years and that has made Granite Transformations the first point of call for kitchen and bathroom makeovers all over the world.
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Granite Transformations make kitchen renovations easy and affordable

The kitchen is probably the one area of the home that has seen the biggest change in the past couple of decades. Endless labour-saving appliances and gadgets have arrived making our lives easier whilst taking up more and more counter-space in the process.

At the same time, the kitchen has moved away from being just a practical ‘work space’ to becoming a family-centric entertainment space and the hub of the household. What were once seen as luxuries are now seen as essentials: double- ovens have become the norm, dishwashers a must-have, the list goes on.

Where renovating your kitchen once meant giving it a fresh lick of paint and maybe updating your cooker, it now means taking a completely new look at how it might work better for you.

There are plenty of high street showrooms that will happily rip out your old kitchen and sell you a new one to that better meets your needs, but that come with a hefty price tag.

At Granite Transformations Holt we take a different approach. One that makes use of your existing units and helps you create your dream, without all the usual building work, waste, hassle, and expense you’d normally associate with such a task. From new worktops and replacement doors to wall and floor coverings, from new sinks and taps to the latest top-brand appliances, we help you change, update, upgrade and build your dream kitchen, one element at a time.

We’ll show you how much further your budget could go. You decide how far you want to take it.

Overlay Worktops

At Granite Transformations we invented ‘the top that fits on top’ to make luxury kitchen renovations within everyone’s reach.

The concept behind our process is actually very simple – instead of going to all the trouble of demolishing your existing units only to replace them with new ones, we give them a new lease of life by fitting our solid surfaces on top of your worktops. Every piece is made-to-measure and pre-formed in our own local workshop, minimising the disruption in your home. No fuss, no mess and no annoying delays – we can usually fit your whole new kitchen in as little as one day!

The secret lies in our unique etherium® By E-Stone solid surfaces. Made from natural granite and quartz agglomerate bonded together with advanced polymer technology and formed into solid sheets just 6mm thick, they are light enough to fit ‘on top’. And because they’re highly resistant to staining, scratching, impacts and heat as well as being totally impermeable, they’ll keep their looks for years to come. In fact, we back them with our own manufacturer’s 10-year warranty.

  • Professional Installers
  • Eco-Friendly
  • Makeover or Fully Fitted

Replacement Kitchen Cabinet Doors

While new worktops will make a world of difference in your kitchen, we realise your refurb may need a little more help to really shine. If your cabinet doors and drawers are not quite up to scratch any longer or just in need of a new look or style, we can replace those at the same time. At Granite Transformations Holt, we have a huge range of the latest designs and finishes to really bring your kitchen up to date.
Keeping your cabinets intact not only saves time and money, it reduces unnecessary land-fill and is better for the environment. And don’t think for one moment that it’s just about face values. Our replacement kitchen cabinet doors are built to last and feel every bit as good as they look. We fit soft-close hinges and runners as standard, so you get that ‘new kitchen’ sensation every time you use them.

And if you really want to go to town, we can help with everything else from hobs and ovens right down to the kitchen sink. A complete ‘one-stop’ solution.

Get in Touch Today

Find out how we can help you achieve your dream kitchen makeover for less. Our expert showroom team will guide you through our products and show you just how much more you can do the Granite Transformations way. Call us or drop by our showroom for a chat today – there’s no hard sell, we’re happy to talk about kitchens all day long!

These Guys are reliably so professional…. already had an install and then bought a New Aga and wanted to make a feature out of it They did not fail, absolutely…

Bill n Ali The Trekkies, 4 hours ago

Visit our Holt Showroom

Of course, to fully understand the beauty of Granite Transformations products and how they could make your dream kitchen a reality, you need to see them for yourself.

At our Holt showroom, you’ll find room-set displays that show you just how it all comes together as well as different colour and style combinations to really get your creative juices flowing and spark new ideas.

Owned by brothers Oliver and Tom Whitwood, Granite Transformations Holt is a local family business that has been serving the area for over 7 years. No matter how large or small your plans, our expert showroom team will be happy to help you bring them to life.

The possibilities are endless. Our ‘top that fits on top’ isn’t just limited to kitchen worktops – they’re just as at home in bathrooms, showers and wet-rooms, on floors, walls or even ceilings. Combine them with TREND glass mosaics for a really distinctive and individual finish. Our replacement doors are open to life beyond the kitchen too, such as for bathroom cabinets or built-in wardrobes in the bedroom.

Our Holt showroom is open Mondays – Saturdays. Please drop in and say hello next time you’re in the area.

We also have a second showroom in Norwich as well as unmanned displays in North Walsham Garden Centre and Moulton Nurseries.

Areas we Cover

Great Yarmouth
King’s Lynn
Downham Market
Long Stratton
Burnham Market
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